Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Hobart Wizz Trip

Night time view from our room
I mentioned a while ago that Stephen and I were Hobart bound overnight for a work related trip. We only stayed the one night but had a really lovely time away.

Thank goodness for those young adults we have who live with us who were able to babysit the younger children so VERY, VERY well. A very big Thank you to you.

Trahaearn was excellent the whole time we were away and it was a special time for him to be just with his Daddy and I.
Trahaearn at the Hotel
Ducks on the river
View of Mt Wellington from the Hotel
We were able to go to the Salamanca Markets on the Saturday morning and then to visit special friends we have known for many, many years who had just moved to Hobart and have a very leisurely lunch with them before driving home.
At Salamanca Market
Juggling Act at the Market
Band we have seen before at the Markets
Trahaearn in the Hug a Bub
Hui and Trahaearn
View in Hobart
The River
As we drove along I had a lovely time crocheting and looking at the historic buildings along the way, trying to get good photos (on the way back). I was especially interested as we had just finished watching Victorian Farmhouse and I noticed a few of the very old buildings were very much based on the English Victorian farm in the way the buildings were set out.
Working Windmill

It really was a mini holiday for us and I certainly enjoyed the time with my dear husband and our precious son.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful place Gae! And yes, it is sometimes so much better to get away...

Be blessed,


ccc said...

How nice to get away with your husband,and just the baby!

Gina said...


The scenery is gorgeous! What a delightful holiday. :)


Leanne said...

A special time for you and Stephen and your little man. Looked a lovely trip.

Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

I wish we'd had more time in Tassie when we visited 18 months ago!
10 days just wasn't nearly long enough :-(
Hubby says we might go again next year.
We didn't see any of the west coast so that's one area we want to explore.
Your photos are beautiful Gae!
Tassie reminded us so much of home as we traveled around the farms and villages.
We could've bought a home in Ross and been quite content amongst the stone houses ;-)
So glad you and Stephen had a lovely break away with your little fellow.
Love to you..Trish

Nell said...

I would love to visit your part of the world and Tassie, we keep dreaming, and keep putting it off..because of other commitments.. so happy you got some time alone almost..
these brief escapes are so important and so appreciated I know.. you are indeed blessed with older children.
thank you for sharing, the market looked lovely.

Gae said...

It is very beautiful country side I am tod it is like the English countryside a long time ago. It certainly was great to get away for a short time together ☺
Thank you for enjoying the visit with me


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