Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bargain Bike!!!

I cannot remember a time when our children have not had bikes.

From the time Kynan was one we have had bikes of various sizes in our home. In fact trying to store bikes for 12 children is something of a challenge and our garage has quite a bike collection within its doors.

Generally, in fact except for this time, we have bought our children new bikes for their birthday or as  Christmas presents, this being their major and almost only present.

However over the last few months Corbyn has out grown the tiny bike he got two Christmas's ago. It was a little two wheeler with training wheels but we had an awful time getting the little plastic wheels not to spin on our gravel driveway and he really did not ride it much at all, and of course now he has now out grown it.

As I think bike riding  is a great form of outdoor play for children, and Corbyn needs all he can get, I wondered whether we could get him a second hand bike, seeing it was a long time till Christmas and his sisters were riding their bikes often and he wanted to join in and so was running up and down the driveway with them.

Coming home from town one day I noticed the local 'tip/dump' has a shop and I wondered if they would have a bike for him.
So a couple of weekends ago we went to the 'tip shop' and saw this little bike. It looked a trifle filthy dirty to me and all I could think of was infection control, and it needed a little work too but when we asked how much it was, I was astounded to find it was only $5. At that price I thought even if we can't fix it up to our standards it wasn't a huge waste of money.

However we pumped up the tires and discovered the tubes were still intact, so no cost of new tubes. We then cave it a VERY thorough wash with disinfectant and soapy water and I was SURPRISED at how great it looked when finished.
So now we have a very proud 5 year old with a new (for him) bike. Now he just needs some help to learn to ride it by himself and not just run along side with it chasing his sisters.

I just love a good bargain, don't You?

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

I was quite old when I finally learned how to ride a bicycle.

Both my sons have no inclination to learning how to ride.

My husband has promised to teach them...but they are absolutely uninterested :( How wonderful that yours enjoy it.


allisamazing said...

What a great deal and I can tell by the picture you have one thrilled little boy. That's awesome!


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