Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy One Hundred and Eleventy One Birthday Bilbo

We knew it was coming, yes we did!
We also knew that our annual celebration of the special day for all Hobbit fans, like we are, would not really be a happening event in our home this year.

Our lives have been revolving around our family holiday and Autumn's Debutante Ball and as tomorrow we are leaving on an adventure the best we could come up with, as I was ABSOLUTELY sure I could not organise a  party as we have done in past years Our Celebrations in 2010  and Our Celebrations in 2009
and an idea was formed that we would combine our trip with the theme of a Hobbit Adventure' such as Bilbo and the Dwarves had.

So in preparation of this we each drew lots for a role of a dwarf and Bilbo. I ended up as Kili one of the most popular dwarves in our family along with his twin brother Fili.

We intend to keep a journal ('To there and Back Again' Inspired) and try and work in some Lord of The Rings/ Hobbit adventures.

So to all you fans that celebrate this day in any way. Have a great day and have a little cake for me too please.
Blessings to you and your homes,


Emily Fay said...

Happy Birthday Bilbo! :) I hope you have a lovely trip Gae! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Lady Linda said...

Adventures are wonderful!

Gae said...

Thanks Emily
will let you know


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