Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring Has Arrived!!

Today here in Australia we celebrated the first day of Spring and what a beautiful day it was too.
We have had a few Spring type days here lately and it has been lovely to think of Spring arriving.

So today it arrived officially in glorious style. The sun was shinning and there was a very definite feeling  of hope and  joy in the day.
 Funnily enough I think the children had a Spring type day as well. Rogan and Arwen went digging for worms to show.
They put them in this jar for a while and then re dug them a hole when we had all admired them long enough.
 Worm, worms, worms. Of course then Corbyn and Myffwyn had to go collecting there own worms. Except Corbyn took his butterfly catcher and came back with a caterpillar.
For the first time in many months we had a meal outside. It is hardly fancy cuisine but it was lunch and we enjoyed the beauty of the day.
Trahaearn was able to be on the veranda as well for a period of time as it was pleasant and he was rugged up in his 'bear suit'. You can't see it but the hood has little ears on the top, too cute. We will be spending more time outside each day if this beautiful weather continues.

Myffwyn made some sort of whimsical place on the swing set with a tulle dress up dress and her umbrella. Moran had a circus operating for a short period of time too.
Rogan was very busy today in honour of Spring snapping pictures of the various blossoms and trees around our home and in the bush areas.
 I hope you had a beautiful day today, in what ever season you are in.

 Blessings to you and your homes,


Emily said...

Welcome, Spring!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures - I especially love the one where the light through the trees creatd that circle.

Trahaearn is getting so big - oh and my son has a similar little bear suit with the ears - too cute.

Lady Linda said...

Beautiful photos Gae! As you are looking forward to spring, I am looking forward to fall here in the USA. Thank you for sharing .
Your Tasha friend, Linda


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