Monday, November 14, 2011

Christ The King Preparations

All last week I wanted to start to have a look at what we might do for Advent this year and organise my Advent and Christmas posts into some sort of order.
I see that others are starting to do this as well and as we really only have less than two weeks left to get organised and two birthdays within this time period, I really need to sort out our family plans worked out and any new activities planned prior to the start of Advent.

I have spent some lot time on Pinterest browsing and adding items to my board but sadly I am having trouble with this and it is not showing up. Anyone else experiencing this? I was told by a friend that they use Evennotes as well but not sure how this compares with Pinterest. I like the visual side of Pinterest.

So one thing to be aware of is that this coming Sunday is Christ The King (non traditional) I have said before this is probably the only Feast Day that we do not celebrate on the Traditional Feast Day but on the new calender.

What are our plans for this year? Um at this stage I am not sure, but her are a few ideas from the last couple of years for you -Posts from the past

I am looking forward to getting my plans in order and sharing soon too, until then enjoy your own preparations.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Tina Marie said...

Only two weeks until Advent! I think I have been in denial. Thanks for reminding me. I need to look at our plans, too. Please post as soon as you know what you are doing. I love seeing what others do. Our family has started new traditions based on what other do and are not sorry for it.

God Bless.


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