Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Joy in Giving!!

Our children are a sourse of inspirtaion and joy to me every day.
I am so honoured to have these special little people in my life.

The contagious spirit of giving and wanting to bring joy to others is a natural part of children's lives and I am blessed in so many ways on a daily basis, as I am the recipient of little 'love gifts' from our children.

I was especially overcome with joy as Corbyn just had to show me his simple Christmas gifts already made (with the help of an adorable big sister) and wrapped up ready to be given to siblings and mummy and daddy.

The look on his face as he was looking for a place to hide them until Christmas was a reminder of the gifts we are given each day if only we look for them in the simple opportunities and with the mind and heart of a child.

Children are a wonder to behold and a gift  from God that is constantly renewed each day as I share my daily life with them.

Enjoy your day and the opportunities that come your way!

Blessings to you and your homes


Anonymous said...

Yes, oh yes. I love the their giving little hearts. Everyday I get some form of gift from my kids. I have 1000 or more pictures my budding artist girl makes me everyday. Tons of kisses adn love they share. Thanks for this post. IT touched my heart.

Emily Fay said...

How wonderful! We are stepping back and only doing simple gifts this year too - most being handmade. It has made the holiday's already such much more special! I hope you are doing well! *hugs*

Judy Dudich said...

Everything about this post has touched my heart and made me smile.
Thank you...for sharing your beautiful, wonderful, precious children with us!
P.S. I can't wait to hear what sorts of treasures were in those little packages!


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