Monday, January 9, 2012

The Odd Sock!!

Have you ever heard a more inappropriate term than 'an odd sock?'

Seriously, I have never seen such a peculiarity!
There is never AN odd sock - there is always an 'odd sock basket or an odd sock bag' isn't there?

And to prove a point we had both!

Over the Christmas break we had a major clean out of clothes. Of course this meant that we found some of those mischievous items that had been lost for a very ling time - odd socks.

So due to the fact that we sorted out our clothes  felt that it was only fair that we needed to cut back on the odd socks that seem to keep 'jumping' into our odd sock bag/basket.

I decided to 'bite the bullet' and finally throw out all those odd socks that had been hibernating in our odd sock bag for over 3 years. You know 'those ones you are sure are still around some where and if your throw it out now the other one is bound to turn up' type.

So I started on a new hobby....I became THE EXTERMINATOR.......Yes I was ruthless and if you do not believe I had it in me - here is the result of my ruthlessness.~
Yes that is all that is left of our Odd Socks (see it is a plural term).

Now all I need to do is stop it from multiplying again.
Do you have any good ideas to share?

Blessings to you and your homes,


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Nothing wrong with odd socks. I often wear a red and a green sock. People admire my individuality.

The thing is ... I have an exactly matching pair of red and green socks in the socks drawer. They just don't come out together when I go looking for socks !!!

God bless.

Pink Fairy Vicky said...

It's so true! We have an odd sock bucket, eventually they all make it out but they sure annoy me in the meantime!!

Sue Elvis said...


Don't throw out your odd socks! I know the perfect way to use them. We have a couple of books, "Stray Sock Sewing" and "Stray Sock Sewing Too" by Daniel. The girls have been busy making some really cute creatures from our sad lonely socks. Only problem is our odd sock bag is getting a bit empty!

Those are the links to Amazon.

Sophie made a rabbit yesterday from a too small pair of old socks. She is going to post pictures on her blog.

God bless!

Gae said...

Very funny Victor, but I think that is called style,lol

Oh Sue would you believe I threw them out yesterday... a whole bag full. I just wanted to have them gone

Pink Fairy Vicky... Yes they annoy yet ask to be given a second chance, hence the reason I end up with so many. However it does not answer the question of where the other sock went


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