Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Felt Pocket Eggs - Tutorial

Each year for our Easter table I make a small individual gift for our family to keep in our Memories box.
This year I made these felt pocket eggs.

Supplies Needed~
felt of various colours
embroidery floss three strands in various colours
scissors, pins and needle
They are fairly quick to make and make a lovely gift. For my cutting our I used pinking shears to give a nice decorative edge, but again you could just use regular scissors.
First off you need to choose colours you are happy with and either contrasting or similar embroidery thread.
Cut our an egg shape (or even an oval you can trim it to shape later) in two colours one slightly smaller than the other.
Then cut our another decorative shape to sew on top
Pin this to the top piece and sew the decorative shape on.
You can hand sew or machine sew and use whatever stitch you like.
I used a simple running stitch as I had 16 of them to do and wanted to do it quickly, but if I had a lot of time I would use button hole stitch.
Once this is completed you need to cut a slit above this for the pocket. I used small embroidery scissors and did a wave pattern cut for most of ours. This allow you to put an object within the pocket without tearing the fabric.
At this stage the Egg pocket is almost complete.
Simple place the other piece underneath in a position you are happy with and sew them together.
Once sewn on, again in whatever stitch yo  like you can trim to suit yourself.

 Now it is time to fill your pocket with your favour of choice.
 For ours this year I used home made chocolates that we had made into Easter shapes and  wrapped into cellophane and tied with ribbon or embroidery floss.
The first four I made and filled with home made chocolates
The rest of the bunch ready to put with our Easter baskets

So once again a nice and easy craft for either Easter or even Spring. Even young children could do this so very nicely.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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