Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Creative Inspiriation

Creativity and the pursuit of this is one part of our home life that I find most satisfying. Today was an excellent reminder of this and how we can all be inspired by those around us and therefore can help each other in this endeavor.

Autumn decided to get out her painting set and finish off a painting she had been doing for some time.
This in turn prompted my own desire to do some painting and as we have a couple of birthdays coming up I thought I would paint some birthday saints (or course I need to update this post now too)
Of course as soon as I got my paints out Rogan and Arwen wanted to paint too, so out came another set of paints and paper.
While we were doing this Vellvin had already been hand stitching in the room with us and continued on with her work.
Needless to say as soon as Myffwyn saw us all together painting she quickly got some textas AND paints along with her own special book she loves to work in.

So there we all were in the family room, sitting on the floor, in front of the fire (it was a very cold, dull and sort of rainy day here) and I was so thankful that we could do this activity together. Sharing our love of creating, even though we had no intentions of this to start with.
Living a life of home education, where we can follow those interests as we desire, not looking to meet any one else's standards or requirements but loving the satisfaction that comes form pursuing something just for the fun of it is a blessing I can't begin to describe. it opens the door to so many opportunities and what is more we can do this every day!

It just goes to show me time and again how if you fill your life with 'pure, loving and uplifting' activities that the people around will emulate these too.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Emily Fay said...

I love the projects! I love watching my children come up and "play" with new ideas and things. Wonderful post!

allisamazing said...

Isn't it wonderful how creativity in one inspires it in others. Your family time together around the fire sounds so wonderful and cozy!

Sugar Pie said...

It sounds like a wonderful afternoon,I wish I had the courage to homeschool.
Take care,


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