Monday, July 23, 2012

Our lady of Mt Carmel... yes late too

Well it has been a week since the Feast Of Our Lady of Mount Carmelhowever I still want to share;the very little activity we did, as it really is so very simple to achieve.

In fact our children had me convinced that it was last Tuesday rather than the Monday anyway and as we had an unexpected activity that had to be done on Monday we really were not prepared at all, sigh!

So straight to the matter. I really did not want to do any of the complicated ideas we have done in the past, Our
The Brown Scapular and some recipes to celebrate 
Crafts and cake we did in 2009
as if just was too hard for me this year and so I was trying to work out how we could at least make a cake to celebrate with.

I really couldn't think of anything that I could do quickly and then our  very clever girl Autumn, came up with the idea you can see above.

It is quite simple:
Take two very large blocks of chocolate then place on top  a printed out image from the computer. Then for the straps  of the scapular join them with two  very fat straps of licorice to complete.

Did I mention that is all there is to it?
By the Way don't leave that chocolate out for too long as I am sure it will be eaten very, very fast!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Autumn said...

I feel so clever!!!!! :]


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