Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hobbit Day 2012

Last Friday we celebrated Bilbo's birthday and the official Hobbit Day that was encouraged around the world.
We made plans for this day that involved a lot of food in fact 6 meals for the day.
Eden prepared the invitations for everyone. Handwritten on a rough looking parchment type invitation. I especially like the Elvin script. Complete with a Hobbit name for each of us
Rogan was very keen to make the banner that we put up on the balcony for the 'party goers' to see
 So to start the day off we had First Breakfast which consisted of mushrooms, with sourdough fried bread, eggs, bacon and tomatoes
 Through out the day we had tea and coffee Drinks -Ginger beer, honey and lemon drinks.
Second Breakfast - strawberries with cream,
 Elevenses  was scones with jam and cream.
Corbyn loves making these Spelt flour soaked scones
We set the table with our beautiful white table cloth and of course we had to have our special  tea cups
Oh yes these were extremely yummy
Our little Hobbit kept getting in his hobbit hole over and over again
Each year we add hobbit feet by simply drawing on with textas
Our Hobbits are all dressed up and ready to party. We left the elf, who seemed to be unable to keep up for the day asleep inside.
Some of our youngest hobbits, Arwen, Corbyn and Myffwyn, all dressed up and ready to party
Moran and Rogan ready as well
Could this be Merry and Pippin? NO it is Vellvin and Eden!
Musical chairs was one of the  most favoured games we played on this day.
Back to the food.
Luncheon  was fried potatoes, onions and apples. Might I add by this stage we were starting to feel a little full
Our children love to decorate and we had fun preparing our new home  with streamers and balloons (well they got blown up but the little kids played with them before we could  put them up).
We had Luncheon out side on the decorated balcony.
Afternoon Tea  consisted of Apple pie and custard
I did print out some pictures for the children to colour in. It is so sweet to see our littlest on enjoying sitting down at the table and  colouring.
Have I mentioned that this year we made a gigantic cake for us to light up and sing Happy Birthday to Bilbo. One of the funny things about the day was the children themselves decide on characters and Arwen wanted to be Bilbo. So all day she kept going around telling us all that it was HER birthday and it was her birthday cake.
Starting to decorate with whipped cream.
Saxon with the help of the little ones decorated the cake.
The finished cake complete with Frodo on top of what I called "Mount Doom"
We made these glow stick lanterns to decorate the table for dinner
Glow stick lanterns were super easy to make. I cut up the glow stick into the jar and shook it up. I left the the cut sticks in the jars, even though I know other instructions did not say to do this, they added to the glow effect
We had dinner outside on the balcony with the glow lanterns.
Quite frankly we had had enough of preparing and eating food by this stage and of course washing up so we actually combined Dinner and supper together.
We had meat pies, cold cuts, pickles and eggs  as well as the supper of cheese, crackers.
Lighting the candles on the cake is always exciting and I love how the kids set it up so that  it looks like Frodo is lighting the candles
See that huge slice of cake being cut out? Well we did not each much of it due to the fact that we had eaten almost non stop it seemed all day.
This is the remainder of the cake after we had taken that first slice. In fact we did not even eat all of this slice and the rest is in our freezer waiting to be eaten still.

After the clean up we all pretty much went to bed as it had been a very long and exhausting day and we had a big day the next day with our Kynan coming home to celebrate his birthday late too. It had been months since we had seen Kynan and we were all so very excited to be seeing him in the morning.

So until next year we hope you  had a Happy Hobbit Day in your homes too!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Caroline said...

Oh my gosh, what a fun day! And oh, all the food is making my salivate. Mmmmm...

Erin said...

Utterly awesome!! Just finished dinner and I'm hungry again! that cake is stupendous!!!

Kelly Casanova said...

Wow Gae, that is all just amazing!! So much food! So much fun! Well done, what a great idea.

Stephanie said...

Wow! What a great and inspiring day! I love the glow stick lanterns and your Frodo figurine/cake topper!!!

Sarah Harkins said...

I love that you celebrate Bilbo's birthday with Hobbit Day! The food looks so good, it's making me hungry. There's nothing wrong with eating food all day during a celebration- it's the best kind of day in my opinion!


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