Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Saxon ♥

It has been an interesting wait for this special boy to turn 'sweet sixteen'
Yes I know boys don't turn  'sweet sixteen' but if you have a Saxon in your family with his wonderful sense of humour and ability to see the fun in almost every situation, you would recognize that it was Saxon himself who said he was turning 'sweet sixteen' this year.

What can I say about our precious Saxon. He is such a wonderful mix of fun loving, adventure and yet very careful in his safety of others and situations.
Saxon has been a very reliable and helpful young man and he has developed these traits very actively over the last couple of years, but it has been especially noticeable as he has been the oldest boy at home (well until Braedon moved back home in the last couple of months)

Of course it is always a joy to see a special bond with older children with younger ones but again it has been so exciting to see Saxon develop his relationship with Trahaearn. Trahaearn loves his buddy.....Saxon and I can always rely on the love Saxon has for Trahaearn to help him  settle when all else fails.

Saxon you are a joy and blessing to our family and being your Mama has always been a special blessing even from your most interesting birth and early baby days.

Always smiling, always loving, always caring of others and always helping.
What a great young man you are and may you continue in this way always.

All our love Always,

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