Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Advent and Christmas Ideas and Celebrations.....updated for 2012

I know if you are like me, we are always looking for new ideas to add to our family traditions each year. Sometimes an idea may light a spark that has been dimmed down by the weight of all the' need to do' lists of this time of year.
I am sharing here our own family celebrations over the years of blogging as well as any ideas, decorations or crafts we may have attempted as well, in the hope that they may a creative and inspiring read for anyone interested.

Of course our traditions have been built over may years and these blogging records are only a few years old.
However I pray they may be of interest and inspiration to you as you create and enjoy your own family traditions.
This is an updated version of my Super Duper Season Bumper addition  from last year. So while some of the ideas are the same I have added a heap of new celebrations to the list as well.

So grab a cup or coffee or Hot Chocolate or this one, pick up a pen and paper and look for what interests you.
Please enjoy!!

Looking Toward Advent

St Andrew Novena 30th November -24th December
Our Lady of Guadalupe  4th December - 12th December
Immaculate Conception Novena 29th November - 7th December
Christmas Rose Novena 12th December - 24th December
Christmas Novena 16th December - 24th December
Novena to the Magi in Anticipation of the Ephihany  28th December - 5th January

First Sunday of Advent - Lighting of the Advent Wreath
Twas the Beginning of Advent
A Quick Advent Study
The Joy in Giving
A bed for Baby Jesus
2nd Sunday in Advent 2011
Recipe for Christmas Joy
Our St Nicholas Play
Las Posadas
4th Sunday in Advent 2011 -Look to Mary
Not Long Now
Ginger Bread House Making for 2011
Jessie Tree Pressure
Happy New Year

The Children's Ideas for Celebrating in 2010
1st Sunday in Advent
2nd Sunday in Advent
3rd Sunday in Advent OR Gaudete Sunday
4th Sunday in Advent

Are You Planning for Christmas Yet?
The Gift of The Magi- a story
Mary's Christmas Dream - a story
A Christmas Thought
Christmas Eve
Christmas Story
The Christmas Story
Merry Christmas
The Nativity
Favourite Christmas Nativity

Advent Planning 2009
Home made Gift Ideas
Poor Box Toys - making do with little
Advent in our home 2009
1st Sunday in Advent
Stir Up Sunday - First Sunday in Advent

6th - St Nicholas Day Celebrations 2011
        Our St Nicholas Play 2011
        St Nicholas 2010
        St Nicholas
        St Nicholas 2009

8th - Immaculate Conception Candle
        Immaculate Conception 2009

12th - Celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe 2011
          Our Lady of Guadalupe 2010
          Plans and activities for Our Lady of Guadalupe
          Feast of Our lady of Guadalupe in our home 2009

13th - St Lucia Celebrations 2011
          St Lucia 2010
          St Lucia 2009

18th - 23rd - O Antiphons -Plans and how to make a countdown box

24th Christmas Eve 2011
        Christmas Eve and the Midnight Feast
        Christmas Eve 2009

25th  Christmas Day Celebrations 2011
         Christmas Day 2010 (also the 1st day of Christmas)
         Christmas Day 2009

Celebrations for 2012
Happy New Year 2012
Happy New Year 2011
Happy New Year 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas-
Symbols of Christmas
1st Day of Christmas - Christmas Day
2nd Day of Christmas
3rd Day of Christmas
4th Day of Christmas
5th Day of Christmas
6th Day of Christmas
7th Day of Christmas
8th Day of Christmas
9th Day of Christmas
10th Day of Christmas
11th Day of Christmas
12th Day of Christmas

6th January-Epiphany Celebrations 2012
                   Epiphany 2012
                   Epiphany 2011
                   Plans and Celebrations for Epiphany
                   Epiphany 2010
                   Feast of Epiphany Plans

Gingerbread House
Christmas Cookie List
Boiled Fruit Pudding
St Lucia Bread Recipe
Instant Hot Chocolate Mix
St Nicholas Hot Chocolate
Lebkuchen Biscuits
Christmas Icecream
Quick Cookies
5 min Chocolate Mug Cake - especially a great gift
Tim Tam Balls
Ginger Bread Men and Shortbread
Sugar Cookies
Coffee Chocolate Balls
Snowflake Cookies

I still have not added the ones for this year (2012) yet but will when I have posted them
Advent and Christmas Book Lists
Christmas and Advent Chapter Books
Advent and Christmas Book List 1
Advent and Christmas Book List 3
Countdown, Craft and Activity Advent and Christmas Books
Advent and Christmas books from 2009
Board Books

O Antiphons 
A Bed for Baby Jesus
Turning a chocolate Santa into a St Nicholas
Advent Spiral -  a countdown calender (homemade)
Homemade Nativity Scene - wooden
Advent Stocking Countdown - made from felt (homemade)
Making Jesse Tree Ornaments
Sculpy Nativity Set - (homemade)
Nativity Toy
Pot Pourri -,homemade

Making Jesse Tree Decorations
Jesse Tree and Prayer
Jesse Tree Pressure

Child of the Promise - music
A great resource for some free cut out creches etc

Patron Saints 2012
Patron Saints 2011
Patron Saints 2010

I am still looking to add plans for this year and some other great links soon so stay tuned and check back too!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Cinnamon said...

Oh I'm going to try those chocolate balls. Sounds yummy!

Thanks for sharing your great ideas!


Kelly Casanova said...

Wow, thanks for putting that together Gae, what a lot of information and food for thought!

Tiffany said...

Popping over to wish you and your family a holy and peaceful Advent! God bless you and your faithful witness, Gae:)


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