Tuesday, January 29, 2013

To Touch the Gentle

"We touch hearts all the time if we but take the time to look into the eyes of those we see and fill the needs that are there"

In our fast paced life it is easy to forget the real opportunity to be a blessing in others lives.
Our lives are not about the money or the recognition or  fame.
Our lives are to be well lived valuing  people and relationships above all else.
People make a difference, people have feelings, people can change a life from dreary to a rainbow filled life.

People and relationships!
We just need to see into the eyes that we look at. 
Really look into them and care.
Care more for others than for ourselves

You hear many stories of those on their death beds and the things they regret.
What they regret is not of material worth but the relationships that have been broken or not tended carefully, usually due to that persons focus being on other things, things of material worth rather than the true worth of care, friendship and true abiding love. 

So I look to the gentle things in life:
snuggles on the sofa while reading to littlies
talking with those precious to me
books to share
candles to light our space
crafts to fill my soul
cups of coffee and tea together
holding hands as we walk along
soft lights and soft music
Everyday and  yet important moments

My life..............

Blessings to you and your homes,


Helene said...

I need to remember to take my quiet cuddle times more seriously! Thanks.

Stephanie Lynn Stevens said...

I love this!~ So true. My family is in a time of forced reduction as we had to leave our home and belongings because of toxic mold...and so I see even more clearly what's really important...PEOPLE!

I made a commitment to never be too busy for people. Yes, the week may need to be rearranged and I am not instantly at the beck and call of everyone who wants my attention, but I have made a promise in my heart that they will not be ignored or forgotten by the wayside. I will make a way for relationships.

I have seen women push aside others for even "good" reasons, like being a perfect homemaker. That makes me sad.

Amy Jung said...

Thank you for this reminder! It is a really sweet post...linked up next to you at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home. Blessings to you as you cherish your loved ones...


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