Thursday, February 7, 2013

Orange Oil Cleaner

In my efforts to keep our cleaning products non toxic as well as our beauty products I was intrigued to find this recipe for Orange Oil Cleaner.
What I love about these recipes are they are so simple to make  and they use every day products that you have on hand  from around the home.
This one for a general cleaner that has a beautiful scent is again so easy.
1. Simply place the orange peels that are left behind from hungry children, (I scraped any excess of the peel) into  a jar size of your choice
2. Invite in a sweet little helper who is keen to be part of anything happening in the kitchen and have her pour some white vinegar on top of the orange peels
If you only have a few like I did to start, do not worry, just add more as you go and keep adding vinegar.
Place lid on top and I have left our jar out on  the counter top so we can admire the beauty of the orange colours.
Leave for 2 weeks or longer perhaps up to 4 weeks ( it varies depending on sources) before use.
This time period is from the time you place your LAST orange peel into the bottle.

Strain and place into  a spray bottle ready for use!

After that, use that keen little helper to help clean, knowing that she is not using anything that will harm  her or you for that matter.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Unknown said...

Thanks for this great "how-to"! Found you on the Wise Woman blog hop. Best wishes from thee UK

Anonymous said...
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