Friday, February 8, 2013

Painting Day!!!!!!!!

Obviously from this title we have had a painting day!
Well it was supposed to be just a quick activity as part of my Valentine Day preparations, I wanted to paint some sheets of paper to be made into cards and paper decorations, but it turned into something more.
Something lovely. An activity that was focused on family and the time spent together.
 I had bought some new paints way back in November last year when I was looking for St Nicholas Day gifts and had put them into storage until we started formal lessons in the new year.
And guess what we have started formal lessons again!
 So out came the paints and they were so much fun to paint with.
The colours were so bright and the tempura paints were just so lovely to work with.
 I originally had this planned for the younger children from Moran down but as the others saw what fun it was they of course wanted to join in.
 Trahaearn especially loved painting with the paint and dipping his brush in the water to rinse with.

 Hmmm I think they were influenced by some one else by this stage............
 Oh dear, another pair. Who could have started all this bocy painting I wonder?
 Just loving that colour

 These two had were the ones who started it all. Look how clean the paint sets are!

 Very proud of his work
 Arwen loved 'babbing' the paint on the paper along with appropriate sounds
Here Autumn is doing a little brush work and Trahaearn runs over to see. I love how he was smiling at what she was doing.
 Then he wanted to come back into the painting area for round two...
 It was about this time that Autumn introduced some hand painting - literally that is!! So it was YOU!
 Moran is so proud of her work. It has been a great struggle for her and she is now pleased with what she is creating. I am proud of her too!
 Yes Autumn we see what you have done!
Anna-Lisa and Moran diligently working. Oh until they started painting themselves too (in the picture way before) after being influenced by a certain older sister.
 I think it is such a happy sight to see so much colour in one place
This was the mess we were left with as I was tidying up and stacking papers ready for stage two of our Valentine Projects.

For your interest here are some ideas from previous years that will get you started for Valentine's Day

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Valerie said...

Hello Gae! It's been too long since I've dropped I definitely wanted to say hello. I love your post and think that it is such a blessing to see children being creative...even if that translates to mess! Being creative is messy, right?!!! I have a girlfriend that doesn't allow play-doh. "too messy" I try to give tips and suggestions on ways to make clean up easier but she doesn't like it. Sad. Happy Valentine's Day,early! I am "Room Mother" for my son's kindergarten class and we are celebating on the 12th as to not interfere with the children's lenten sacrifices.



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