Saturday, March 2, 2013

Arwen's Birthday in Collage

Last week exactly after our four days of moving in we celebrated our beautiful and precious little girl's birthday.

Now this special day was late as I mentioned due to several factors.

So we celebrated this special day and had a very girly day.

Arwen's American Doll - Caroline was her main present and this was so sweet to see as she cuddled her in straight away.

We wanted to have a full on Teddy Bear/Doll Tea Party like the Tasha Tudor Doll Fair we used to do but sadly it did not happen with everything else that was happening so we had a Tea Party Dinner instead.

I made her a Tea Pot Birthday cake and little Edible Tea Cups (these were always one of the favourite things at our Doll's Fair each year) and painted her saint, BUT sadly I have still not made her birthday crown as I was wanting to try a different type.

Having a four year old little girl is so much fun. Arwen is so funny in her grown up way and the things she says. She was so grown up when opening her birthday bag and although very excited she was so very matter of fact, explaining to us as she went along.

It was our first birthday of the year and the first birthday in the new house so we were still trying to place all the traditional items for the celebration.

The highlight I think for her was her doll, the mini skateboard that her 'buddy' Auutmn gave her, the sting sword that Kynan and Braedon gave her  and the Tea Pot and cup cake Birthday cake.

I loved celebrating this special day with our little princess and yet still a little sad to see our baby growing up.

Happy Birthday to our sweet and adorable little princess.........Arwen. We love you so much and are so proud of you.

Love always,

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Erin said...

Beautiful, Happy Belated Birthday Arwen:){{}}


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