Monday, July 29, 2013

Sharing the joy of Everyday........

It seems that I just can't seem to get back to posting on a regular basis here.
I seem to have hit a bit of a slump in keeping up with all my activities, including this one, but we have been enjoying our rather simple life at home which I would share with you today.
I admit to having been engrossed in the "Percy Jackson" series of books, not to mention quite a few of our older readers and thus this is one area where my free time has been going.
I also admit to being obsessed about things when I start and so...........
However we have been enjoying everyday life in our home and it is so lovely to see these two painting together again, at least for the short time Autumn is home.
And splatter painting was a huge hit one day too
Picking flowers for Mummy is pretty much a daily event
Such a little poser......
Trahaearn starting to fix up his hurt finger even after I thought I had done it for him
Setting up the fairy bower in our yard
A wood collecting detail......Vellvin and I were a team
these three were a great help and then they collected kindling too for the wet days were were expecting ahead.
One of the piles of wood ready for burning
This one seems a bit gruesome but we have had over the last months a very, very hard time with the tenant in our Tassie house, who we finally were able to get to leave but with a huge financial deficit to try to get back from them.
Our children have missed out on quite a bit due to this so when they saw pictures of the way our home was damaged and left filthy they resorted to a bit of tension relief.
This was the tenant after the beheading and we had quite a few wanted posters around the property for a few days too.
Is it an early Spring?
We have the wattle blooming and the bees very busy gathering nectar.
I think wattle is so 'sunshiny' and welcoming
OK..... Saxon has always wanted to throw axes at a target and bought himself a tomahawk last week to practice with
Yep this is a cool activity---- but  we have to make sure the little ones are very much out of the way
Painting and antique suitcases. LOVE LOVE LOVE.......
Pretending to be a little kitty with feeding bowl and home

and kitty nap time too
Rainbows are so pretty
Playing poker with $5 divided up into 5c pieces. Winner takes all.
Saxon  bankrolled  this very high stakes game.
This day we drew pictures together and Arwen is drawing a rainbow
Sweet, sweet sweet
I drew some birthday banners
then Trahaearn

and Arwen decided they would cut them out for me
Thus resulting in me having to draw another lot to put on the birthday cake
Our little cow girl
I bought this really lovely mug on sale in a same patterned tin for a whopping $5.00
I adore anything Babushka inspired

Another drawing day. Our little left hander is getting the hang of things and loves to sit up like the big kids and create.
The start of making the "Viking Longship' from a wooden palate  and the frame of an old outdoor umbrella
Adding the extras and some costuming
 And of course nightcaps
Just about ready to depart!!!
Lighting candles for dinner
Helping to make Soaked Buttermilk Spelt Pancakes for breakfast
Braedon and Ann-Lisa drop in for the night as they pass through on their honeymoon and unwrap the wedding presents.
Making Soaked Buttermilk Scones not to mention Buttermilk itself
One day Myffy asked for an apple and then she showed me how she had prepared it. Of course everyone else wanted "Apple Shishkabab" too
I had fun playing around in my 'Apothecary' room too and sorted out and tidies up a bit too.
This is also where I do my sprouting of grains and so I made room for that permanently too
While Braedon was here he showed Saxon how to ride his motorbike and now I am sure we will have a line up of children who think they are big enough, starting with Miss Arwen who has said she will be  learning when Braedon comes home again.

So again a bit of a summary of what we have been doing in our home.
I am looking forward to trying to be a bit more regular again,
Until then...........

Blessings to you and your homes,

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