Monday, August 12, 2013

St Mary MacKillop Celebrations in our home 2013

Last week we celebrated the Feast of St Mary MacKillop.
Using our plans as a guide  we actually were very successful in learning and appreciating the virtues of  this particular saint of whom we as Australians are very excited to have.
I was determined to start of the day with more 'table time' rather than the food and decorating parts of our day.
So we started with the Lap book and spent quite a while on this.
I read the relevant information out to them while they started to colour in the pages
as well  some colouring pages we had.
At the time  Charlotte had not done her new colouring page  page and so I had Rogan prepare these  two colouring pages for us.
He  spent a while the day before making these up for us.
There certainly was enough for everyone to do
and then we started the cutting out process
and gluing too.
I really remembered how much I DON'T like lap books with all the cutting and gluing as I often end up doing a lot for our younger ones.
We also did not make actual lap books but glued everything into our Liturgical Notebooks. This is where we put our colouring pages and other 'paper trail' items for feast days like word searches etc.
Here is everything cut out ready to put in the notebooks, including the colouring pages. I think this one may be Myffwyn's pile actually.
And this is one version of how they look in the Liturgical Notebooks

I was pretty happy with how we did this first and then moved on the the food :)
Eden started making the damper which is a very easy recipe we have used for many years.
I admit that it loses something in the baking in the oven as opposed to 'outback' baking in the cast iron pot over a bed of coals.
However in to the cake tin it went with a little flour sprinkled on top- we used spelt flour for this recipe
And the finished product. Yes it was really very, very nice.
Of course a feast day can not be celebrated without a cake and obviously the cake bowl needs licking out by a cute little guy.
So to make a cross cake we used to bread pans and then adjusted them to make the shape of the cake
Rogan wanted to decorate it with left over  wedding icing and some writing on it.
I made a candle (see the first picture) with a 'Josephite' symbol on it using a candle form storage and then cutting up the candle decorating wax.
Vellvin made some pumpkin soup, a simple idea to have with our damper.

All in all it was a most successful but simple feast day.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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