Friday, October 11, 2013

A Little Helper

It happens pretty much everyday!
It could be morning, perhaps lunchtime or even later in the day.

For over 24 years I have had a little helper in the kitchen with me.
Sometimes they have actually being able to contribute  to the preparing of the food or cleaning up of food, but mostly when they are little it is simply the joy of having the company of little smiling faces and happy chatter as we spend time together- this in fact is just priceless.

As they get bigger the little helper actually does become a helper in more than name only.
However the smiling faces still continue and the chatter actually become more flowing conversations as we work together on different aspects of meal preparation and clean up.

Not only does the conversation change but so do those precious faces.
Sometimes it can vary from moment to moment, small to older, single to multiples even. Sometimes I can even be left in the quietness and stillness of a kitchen with only my own thoughts and prayers.
Then there are those times when I can have some very intense discussions and time with a child who needs a little more 'mummy' time and I find the kitchen the perfect place for this as we keep our hands busy and let our hearts share the load.

A little helper grows up and becomes a big helper but along the way we have achieved so much more than preparing a meal for the family.
Indeed we have a achieved so much more- irreplaceable memories!!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Just found you blog today! So inspiring! I'm over here in Minnesota, USA.....can't wait to read more now that my kiddos are down for nappie!

R a c h e l said...

Just found your blog and it's lovely - I live in England and I just love reading about your faith and your love of mothering. Being a mother is such a wonderful gift :) x

Gae said...

Than you for dropping by Nicolemommy and Rachel
I hope you visit again and can find some like minded thoughts


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