Monday, November 25, 2013

Christ the King Celebrations 2013

During the previous week we have been planning our Advent celebrations and even though Christ the King is the Last Sunday in Ordinary Time before the Start of Advent I always view it as the start of our Advent studies as it is the beginning in our home of the period of time we tend to have lot a focused Liturgical activity.
So my planning included printing out the colouring pictures and some pre-printed crowns for use on the day.
These were actually coloured today as we really ran out of time yesterday on the Feast Day
Even though the crowns were worn all of both yesterday and today.
To make  the crowns I had two sheets of cardboard, I wanted to use gold but when we went to the shop they were all out of gold, so I bought some glitter paint and we  painted the cardboard first and them we decorated them.
After the paint had dried I  cut them into strips for the children to cut and decorate. Although I did cut the smaller children s crowns with the traditional pointy triangle style.
Then everyone came in from other activities to decorate them using sequins and other items that are in my little box of tricks.
Everyone hard at work creating different designs.
A couple of finished crowns before fitting 
Part of the mess that was left for me to clean up 
After the crowns were put on we have a tradition of getting dress up capes and putting them on and wearing them for the day, well at least part of anyway.
Here you can see that Trahaearn refused to keep his crown on and next thing he pulled of his cape.
NO... he will only dress up when he wants to.
The other tradition is to make a crown cake.
For the first time ever I made a soaked flour chocolate cake and we frosted it with a Xylitol frosting (which was way too sweet- I don't think we will do that again)
Then comes the fun part .......decorating the cake.
Here everyone has their own quantity of lollies to add to the cake.
You can see Trahaearn has already been licking the frosting.
Starting from the youngest we take individual turns to put the lollies on the cake. This avoids fighting over who has the most lollies and who is trying to put them in that one space.
 Finished cake
 Yes we  are very happy with that and then we put a crown on it this time it was Trahaearn's
Blessed Feast Day to you all and I pray you have a most wonderful week.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Happy Feast of Christ the King Gae! I have to say I would LOVE your table! It is so nice and big, perfect!

Unknown said...

I love your ideas! What a wonderful celebration!!!


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