Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent Week One ~Roundup

Even though I haven't posted our plans for Advent this year I do want to share what we have achieved each week during this preparation time.
I really have been happy with what we have achieved with this learning so far this year.
Although it seems we are missing so many people and only really have from Vellvin down most of the time.

We are doing a daily theme and we have worked out simple activities and using picture books as well as the talk I give about the theme for the day around each theme.
We are making good progress through the Jesse Tree this year as well. (oops forgot to add pictures)
DAY 1- Bells
We read only the one book specifically for this day (which I cried through, and the kids asking whats wrong)  but we coloured in our picture and made a bell ribbon to hang up as well

We also finished our Advent decorating after the  formal work of the day
DAY 2- Angels
Well we could do so much with this one but I kept it manageable with
Reading the books we own the children's favourite being Alabaster's Song, colouring pictures and making tissue paper angels to hang across a window
DAY 3- Candles
Again we read our books made edible candles and rolled bees wax candles.
We were planning a cake candle too but we ran out of time wit this one.
DAY 4 and  DAY 5- St Nicholas
Day 4 is generally planning for St Nicholas and some reading of our ST Nicholas books. It was also our monthly Homeschooling get together day we attend.
Sadly we spent ages on getting our car to go and then not going and we watched a Christmas movie instead The Bells of St Mary
Day 5 we read more books, coloured in pages, played with their gifts and  prepared for the play the children did which include  more speculaa cookie baking

Each evening we have our countdowns that the children take turns in doing the countdowns we have.
This is a very exciting part of the preparation time for the children and we do this before we start reading Jotham's Journey and light the candle countdowns.

We are going well still with week two and I hope to be able to share more here next week.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Unknown said...

That was really interesting! Lighting For Artwork

Unknown said...

Looking this i wanna have a candle lights! Lighting For Artwork

Unknown said...

Hi there -

I have a quick question about your blog! Could you please email me when you get a chance? Thank you!

Unknown said...

Lovely celebration. I have a question about angel books... have you found any picture books about angels with more of a biblical basis? All I have been able to find are books that talk about people dying and turning into angels, which some people like to believe but I do not. Interested to hear if any of the books you used might fit my needs?


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