Monday, December 16, 2013

" Most" Posts of 2013

It's been a long time since I joined in a link up party ( I avoid them as I find them stressful as they are usually weekly things but this is a once off so.................) but I thought this one very interesting.
Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things is hosting this 'Most Posts for 2013 so here they are -

Homemade  Brown Sugar an Coffee Facial/Body Scrub
Making our own products for cleaning of self and home  has been a growing interest of mine this year with many of our items from home being made right in our kitchen.

I have noticed comments are not as they used to be on my blog. Probably I don't 'visit' as much to other blogs and the interaction isn't there, but I think mostly my comments come on the post through Facebook comments or the corresponding photo through Instagram
A New Life was my most popular this year though followed by our son's wedding

Are you serious!!!!! I can't choose a best picture from my blog.
Most of my posts are super picture intensive soooooo
I asked one of my children to choose one for me- well, I didn't like the one she choose  and then I realised I loved most of the pictures from this post  A Little Girl + Flowers = Joy.
Yes now  I am sure this one has lots of my favourite photos
Saying Goodbye was by far the hardest to write this year as we said goodbye to our most precious baby.
I was not sure how to write this and  defining and the putting my own feelings and emotions into this post was really hard. However it was a way to grieve that gave how I was feeling a 'realness' that I was very thankful for.

Ok I am going to break rules here as I find I actually don't have a favourite post this year.
In fact I see that as I look over the last year  of posts that I am not happy with what I see on my blog.
It seems I haven't blogged a lot, and then I don't seem to have captured in my own opinion what it is that I believe my blog is about.
"The joy in the everyday life of our family as we celebrate the everyday as well as  the special days of our lives" Perhaps I can return the lustre to my blog next year, I hope so anyway.
So here are a few posts that I think relate to what I try to share:
Atmosphere- it really does matter
Skirts, petticoats, Aprons and Boots
The Little Things
It is All in the Living
Take Hold of Each Moment
and for something different
Why are we scared of Halloween? This was one I wasn't sure if I would get a bad reaction from and contemplated posting at all.

I hope to see what else the other bloggers have posted over at Sarah's blog.
See you there!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Erin said...

Comments seem to be down across blogosphere. Oh I remember loving that photo too:) Though I loved the wedding photos too.
Was indeed hard to write I'm certain{{}}
My favourite of those was Take Hold of Each Moment, really 'got' that.

9peasMom said...

I am so glad you participated in the link up. I am going to enjoy clicking through and reading these posts.
I know what you mean about blog content not truly reflecting 'who you are' and 'what you want to say' - I struggle there as well!

Unknown said...

That's so fun! I don't think I could choose a picture either! I am very visual in my blogs - Loved this idea!

Unknown said...

I think so many people are reading on handheld devices (that are hard to comment on) so comments just aren't flying around as a matter of course anymore. Well, that and Facebook, which has killed so much social interaction anywhere else. :)

That picture of your daughter is just darling.

Thanks for linking up, Gae! :)


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