Monday, December 30, 2013

Annual Christmas Family Photo (almost)

Each year after Midnight Mass, so at least around 1:30 am on Christmas morning we have our annual family photo.
While the children were little and we did not have a timer camera we would quickly get someone take the photo at Church before we came home to our Midnight Feast.

For quite a few years though we have had both a camera with a timer and a son who knew how to set it up.
However said son did not come over after Mass and the camera did not have any battery so we used my I-phone which we could not put a timer on.

Consequently we are missing both our older boys from the photo this year and both Stephen and I took turns taking a photo with the other of us in it.

Naturally we could not get everyone looking happy at the same time and for some reason the picture quality is not good either.

Oh well at least we have a nearly complete family photo even if it isn't very good.
The only way I get them to have the photo at all is due to the fact we cannot start the 'feast' until we have the photo done.

So this year we have an almost family photo but I hope to have a really good one for next year.
Alright guys you hear that I want a really good family photo next year!!

Blessings to you and your homes,

1 comment:

Kelly Casanova said...

They're both lovely photos Gae! We have a Christmas tradition of a family photo too.
Happy New year to you all and God bless.


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