Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First Sunday in Advent - Christmas Tree

We have been really busy this week following our Advent plans and I have to say how pleased I am with what we are accomplishing.
I really would lie to write them up here but am just not finding the time.
I still always do my initial planning on paper and then type the finished results up, I guess I just think better that way.

Anyway I am hoping to keep a good record ow what we celebrate this Advent as well as our studies, but it seems that I may be thwarted as my laptop that I thought only had a broken screen now does not seem to be working at all.
Naturally this has all my photos on it and so that makes it harder to post about events before today.
Thankfully I had a few posts with photos ready to go and this being the last of our First Day of Advent ones I wanted to share.
We have for the most part always put our tree up on the first day of Advent and this year we followed that tradition, event though I am sure Liturgically speaking we are very early in this.

As I mentioned after we put up the tree we celebrated with Wassail and cookies.
It really is a process that takes us some time and I love to have photos of everyone together putting the tree together and making it beautiful.

We have quite a tall tree and luckily the ceilings in this house are height enough to accommodate it BUT not the star we have always had on top of our tree.
So for the first time in 26 years we have an angel as our tree topper.
Really the rest of this post is pretty much pictures of my precious family as we came together for the start of our Advent celebrations.
I am sure as we look back in years to come I will be happy to have these memories to visit.

May your Advent be filled with much joy and hope as we draw nearer to the celebration of the coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ!!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Erin said...

Very impressed you can put your presents under the tree. I'm too nervous, thinking S might try to open them. Is T tempted?

Vellvin said...

It was awesome! I love our Christmas tree! :D

Love you Mummy,
Vellvin. <3

Gae said...

Dear Erin,
No he actually is really good.
It is the middle ones who can't keep their hands off them. Rogan being one of the worst :)

Gae said...

Dear Vellvin,
It is isn't it. I love the look of it especially at night
Love Mummy

Bernice Zieba said...

What a nice way to spend time together as a family. I had to smile when I saw some of your kids dressed for summer because it is freezing cold over here - with snow and ice. I can't imagine putting presents out already now! It would be too much hard work, keeping little hands and curious peeping from them :)))

Gae said...

Dear Bernice,
Yes it is different having the summer activities tied up with Christmas, even for me still although I have known no other way.
The children are very good actually with the presents so that is a bonus


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