Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Woman of God!!

 “Women of God can never be like women of the world.
The world has enough women who are tough; we need women who are tender.
There are enough women who are coarse; we need women who are kind.
There are enough women who are rude; we need women who are refined.
We have enough women of fame and fortune; we need more women of faith.
We have enough greed; we need more goodness.
We have enough vanity; we need more virtue.
We have enough popularity; we need more purity.”

 Totally love this quote!!!!
(Not sure of it's origins though)

Blessings to you and your homes,


Sugar Pie said...

Totally agree Gae :)

Rhianon Chavarria said...

Oh...did I need to hear this!! Thank you so much for posting! This has began a healing in an area of my heart that has been in great need of Gods light. For so long I have tried to look and act like the world in the hopes of spreading His kingdom but this was such a wonderful reminder that it is by His Grace and by the Holy Spirit that His Kingdom is spread and the world set on fire! Thank you for reminding me to be an imitation of Christ and Our Lady and not the world!

Stephanie said...

Love this poem! Thank you for posting it! You also always have the best pictures!!! I love this laundry one! God's blessings as you end Lent!


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