Friday, April 4, 2014

Thick Greek Yogurt and how you can make it yourself................

I posted a photo of my Greek Yogurt on Instagram and facebook and had numerous questions asking how I made it...,....and so here it is.

I have often in the past wondered in the past what Greek Yogurt was and how it could possibly be different to other yogurt.

In the past months I have not only worked out what it is but also how to make it, and you can too! Greek yogurt has the whey drained out of it, as simple as that!

I have  used this recipe before and only now have I realised it has Greek yogurt instructions at the bottom of the post....duh.
In a crock pot slow cooker, turn cooker to low and pour in  4 litres of milk. Cover and allow to cook for two and a half hours.

After two and a half hours have elapsed, turn off cooker, unplug from wall and allow to sit with the lid on for 2 more hours

After 2 hours  whisk in 1/2 to 1 cup of starter yogurt and recover with the lid.

Leave over night and next morning start the straining process
 Line a colander with cheesecloth (or as I do now with a bag)

 Poor the yogurt in and
 cover with a lid or cloth
 Tie the bag or cheese cloth up and leave for a few hours.
The longer you leave it the thicker it gets
 Nice thick yogurt to add to smoothies or have with some nice fruit.
And the whey you can make other things with like Tomato sauce (fermented) or lemonade.

Hope you enjoy this!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Lynda said...

Thanks for the detailed post, Gae. I've always wanted to make Greek yogurt. What is starter yogurt? God bless.

Gae said...

Dear Lynda,
Starter yogurt is just left over yogurt from your homemade or just some bought yogurt to get you started
I am glad this was helpful to you

Storybook Woods said...

Thank you for your post. Making yogurt is so easy. You are so smart to drain it. Than you have that lovely whey to use too xox Clarice


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