Sunday, August 31, 2014

An Elegant Picnic: Tasha Tudor Style

Our Tasha Tudor day this year consisted of a lovely Elegant outdoor picnic with our  lovely tea cups.
Unlike last year when we hosted our Doll Fair we have had such a busy time lately that I didn't feel we could have such an elaborate event.
Hence our more sedate celebration of Tasha Tudor Day.

It was fairly late in the day when we actually got around to having this little ceremony and so the sun was setting.
However it did provide a beautiful backdrop for our Elegant picnic.
The children who were home and I carried our quilt, teacups and teapots.
We also took out some of my most special Tasha Tudor books and I wanted to read as we sipped tea, or coffee in my case :)
Our basket of Chocolate Sultana Sourdough 'fun buns'  was late in arriving as they were  in the oven cooking. So when we were ready to eat them they were hot and yummy and quickly disappeared.
As for any table decoration or as it were an Elegant picnic you need to have some flowers.
I thought a vase might be in order but the younger ones picked them and put them in  a basket which as it turns out was better as we had a few moments of near spills. So the vase would probably tipped over as well.
I like the basket of flowers better anyway!!
I was only able to read from a few of the shorter picture books as we started to run out of day light and the younger ones were getting restless.
A is for Annabelle, Five Senses,  Pumpkin Moonshine, were the ones we managed before the wild ones ran off and the light faded.
It was lovely having our tea party outdoors and have the children listen.
These two girls are looking so like each other now too.
Moran just had to put flowers in her hair out of the basket.
She is such a fashion designer with a lot of flair!
Me I totally LOVE tea cups and really enjoyed having special crockery outside.
I will be doing this again with any children who are interested........perhaps Rogan.
The other children had a look at some of the books although Myffy and Moran have just started reading The Hobbit and just had to bring  that book along too.
Laying down on a blanket outside to read with a is so good.
Drinking Tea!!!
More please???
Earlier in the day I had a lovely time in the kitchen, which I think is a very Tasha activity.
I made this Sourdough Fruit Cobbler, sourdough bread (stage one) the Chocolate 'fun buns,' muffins, buttermilk and strained my Greek yogurt.
It really was the day for picnics as the younger children wanted to have a picnic lunch as well and took their lunch outside with a table cloth.

Was this a memorable celebration of all the things I associate with Tasha Tudor and therefore want to celebrate and emulate in my life?

I do think it was and frankly I so loved the Elegant Picnic I know I will be doing this again.

Happy Tasha Tudor Day!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Storybook Woods said...

Happy belated Tasha Tudor day. What a lovely tea and how good of you to find the time and do it. No matter what you are creating memories. And Tasha would love that!! Clarice

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Hi, Gae!
I am glad for my visit for I see the LOVELIEST of faces and smiles!!
This looks like a wonderful time and I really enjoyed ALL the images!! Such a precious family!!
Many Blessings, Linnie

Unknown said...

What a fun time you all had, I love seeing families together.


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