Sunday, April 26, 2015

Friday Nature Study

After my Summertime reading and while I was planning for this year of learning, I was determined we would have a regular, hopefully weekly Field Trip to one of the many areas around our local community.
I also wanted to incorporate more Nature Study into our daily lives with closer observations of our own backyard with both the wild animals and our domestic ones as well as the flora that we have growing here.

One of the best ways I have found in having a little 'nature lesson' in our day is to read from A Bush Calender - by Amy Mack at our Table Time Reading that we do while having breakfast.
From a small daily reading and the list of blooming flowers and birds arriving and leaving each month, we then consult our other field guides for visual confirmation of what we have been reading.

I must admit that the children really have enjoyed this little bit of a 'nudge' and have been observing more than usual as well as asking more questions- which is very exciting in my opinion.
So on Friday we made another trip to the Wagga Botanical Gardens and Zoo  to observe and record in our Nature Journals.
We decided before we left that we would look at the Chinese Garden and we would all chose the same  animal to draw.
There were quite a few Japonica Camellia, Camellia, Azalea  and Reticulata   as well as some bamboo and others we didn't know.
I just love these beautiful variations of pink blossoms
Once we actually reached the center of the Chinese Garden we sat down to a light picnic lunch .
Consisting of the left over Dragon Bread from the celebration of St George the previous day
Those of us following the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle ate before we came however.
After lunch it was on to the drawing side of things.
I loved how Rogan was helping Arwen with her drawing
She is recovering quite well from her broken arm, that post is still in drafts :), but still isn't using it very much.
Everyone chose a different flower or tree to draw and started on them right away.
Don't you love the same stance on these two children?
A very proud Arwen with her flower drawing
I turned around and found this perfect photo opportunity
Hey mummy look at me!!!
The children loved the little pond and they found a small frog hiding in a hole of that large rock.
Of course I'm sure we weren't supposed to pick any flowers but Moran always needs flowers in her hair and then I am usually gifted some too.
After the flower garden we went around to the Zoo section and decided to draw one of the goats that are in the enclosure
Did I mention that I was drawing too.
I wanted to be able to be an example of participating in the love and appreciation of nature.
Truly I am not gifted in this area at all and so find it difficult to do this.
But isn't that what we are asking of the children when we ask them to do something and learn from the experience?
Just lately I have been impressed with how long Arwen has been sticking with her drawing she has been absolutely loving her  Art for Kids lessons and is choosing to stick with a hard project much longer than I though she would.
She did this with drawing her goat as well.
All the other kids had finished and run off but she stayed with it till she was satisfied.
As we were leaving these geese were right in our path and I just adore geese.
I can't wait to add them to our poultry flock.
As we got back in the van (without going to the playground nearby, which was a  miracle in itself) Corbyn showed me his collections of feathers and flowers with great delight.

I think we really need to keep this up as it was a great way to spend a few hours and the time sped by.
I couldn't believe how long we had been out doing our Nature Study.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Unknown said...

Ahhh really enjoyed this post. It is so cool that kids enjoyed the whole process.
I like the last photo a lot and Corbyn's face seems to be super excited. Glad you spent wonderful time! God bless you all!


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