Saturday, April 25, 2015

Easter Sunday (very late) and family Photos

Easter Sunday follows a fairly standard pattern for us!
After all the preparations for the day that happen on Holy Saturday we usually have the children begging us to get up so they can see the breakfast table and their Easter Bags.
As with our other family celebrations like birthdays and Christmas no one is allowed in the prepared room until everyone is gathered. Oh except birthdays- only the birthday person isn't allowed to see until we are ready for them to come in.
So the frist things to check as we enter the kitchen/family room is to see The Tomb and see if Jesus has risen.
Next we go to the oven and remove our Resurrection Cookies, I forgot to take photos this year :)
We may or may not have a little nibble on those while we have a look around the Breakfast Table
 Of course it is virtually impossible to keep little ones from bouncing around and this year they wore their Bunny Ears so it was a  cute thing to see.
 Tadaaaaaaa........ unveiling the Easter Chocolate Bags
 and everyone gets to come and get their bag.
 It is as ordered as it can be with a house full of eager children!!
 Now everyone back to the table and see what is in the bags, quick hurry!!!!!!
 Yes everyone rushes to see whats in there and maybe a little taste too!
 Corbyn was very organised and put his all our to show me.
 These were cute little icing nests Eden made for the younger children with tiny little eggs in them
 Breakfast this year was delicious Blueberry Sourdough Muffins fresh out of the oven, very yummy!!
 Then it is off to Mass in the Extraordinary Form  Easter Sunday Mass.
Very hard to get a pretty photo with my phone, the light just didn't work well.
After Mass the first order of business is the traditional family photo
This year we had to do it differently with no extra people visiting to take a photo together and we our two older boys not here either.
So Stephen and I together
and ten or our twelve children.
Not everyone was a happy camper to be sure by this stage as it was after 2pm by this stage and everyone wanting to eat their chocolate :)
Then we did individual photos of everyone, so hold on its a long ride here ......
 Next we prepare the late lunch/dinner and set the table again as pretty as we can.
 While this is cooking we watch MY Big Fat Greek Wedding as we always do on Easter Sunday
Our baked Lamb dinner that we have.
Usually  we have a lamb cake after but this year we didn't get around to it.

Next up a relax and rest for those who need it.
I pray you all had a wonderful Easter Day

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Harmony said...

Looks like you all put together another lovely Easter.
Such sweet, thoughtful details, especially the little icing nests- very creative Eden! Beautiful family, you are very blessed:)


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