Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Oh Sunday how I love thee......

Those wonderful Sundays when you actually do feel refreshed from the weeks activities by having a relaxing day doing those things that allow you both mental, physical and spiritual refreshment. Those Sundays are to be treasured and remembered.

I know this is the goal for my Sundays often but as with much of life and our responsibilities and cares  this does not happen as much as I would desire and yet how often we really do need this.

Yesterday was one of those rare days that was relaxing and refreshing though as I write it out I am sure there was nothing of great interest,except to  my own personal refreshment.
Stephen and I attended  Mass- just the two of us as I had taken the children the night before due to a car space problem.
After Mass we had coffee together and just talked together then off we went  to do  some exciting grocery shopping together.
Sounds like a hot date right?

When we got home we sat outside under a tree and ate wonderful homemade pizza, sipped coffee and watched the children have bike ride races and again just really chat together.
After this the children begged for a game together and so we played an easy one for mummy :)

The simple pleasures like playing hide and seek with the children are times that really bring me peace in my heart. I have no idea how I missed him, I was the seeker, as I walked right under that tree and I always look up cause it's his favourite type of hiding place :)
As evening fell we needed some fire wood so my love chopped some while I did one of my favourite winter chores and gathered kindling ready for the morning for if we needed it.
While we wandered around putting toys and things away we, well Rogan actually, discovered a hiding place that the hens had been laying eggs in, one of his unused Rabbit hutches.

As I reflect upon this day I recognise again that the joy of life is lived in the every day moments of everyday ordinary activities that we have the opportunities to build special memories with if we only take the time.
Blessings to you and your homes,


Unknown said...

I am so glad you have spent a great day with your lovelies. I also love to play hide and seek, it makes me younger and it takes me back in time :) Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Liuba x

Vellvin said...

It was a great day. Thank you for playing hide and seek with us and spending time together. :)
Love Vellvin.


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