Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hello again and a Christmas Fair Party

Hello again!!
Well I can't believe it is almost Advent again. It has certainly been a sporadic year for blogging here on my little blog.
I have not real reason except the fact our lives have been very full with  complications and lots of twists and turns during the year that have required micro managing and thus full attention.

Anyway as we come up to the last week of Ordinary time before Advent we had Stephen's annual work Christmas Party.
They younger children have been looking forward to it for months since they found out that there would be a merry-go-round and a bouncy castle.
I was trying not to let them get too excited as I wasn't sure what would actually be there.

However today I can say our children came away from a beautiful day. It was everything they wanted it to be and I was thrilled with that for them.
There were two bouncy castles and a merry-go-round that the children spent soooooo much time on
 The little ones have never been on a ride like this before and just loved it. Going around and around constantly. Thankfully there were not so many children that they had to wait to often at all.
The huge slide was popular too with a fair bit of running and then......
sliding to be done!!
Daddy was pretty good at keeping everyone happy and showing where all the cool free things were.
 Naturally at a 'fair like' environment you need to have a clown.
Now, not many of our children are really into clowns and I was a little worried about Arwen and Trahaearn, but they were fine with watching Mr Jellybean perform his magic tricks and fun.........from a distance and wrapped around my leg :)
 However this did not stop them from getting some of that animal balloon action that was happening.
After all who can resist a balloon poodle or a
 Darth Vader sword.
One of the other fun things I lined up with the children for was the face painting.
I was very surprised at the fact that some of our more 'sensory challenged' children were so much improved since a couple of years ago.
 What girl can resist a unicorn
 Or a tiara
 Naturally our young son had to be a pirate
 and who else would get a spider all over his face.
After waiting all that time I decided I would have some of the fun too.
Stephen had to remark, with a huge grin on his face, that I was the only adult with face paint on but hey that's what I like to do! 
Oh yea!!
Did I mention there were free on tap 'slushies,' fresh squeezed orange and lemon juice, popcorn and ice cream of your choice.
I asked one of the children to bring me back an ice cream while I waited in the face painting line with the others, as I had seen them with cones and they brought back this totally delicious ice cream Sunday
  As was this one!! Ummm yes I may have had more than one. But not as many as some others I could mention.
 Naturally at a work Christmas Party the children get presents.
Trahaearn even went by himself to get  his and each of the children were certainly gifted by a wonderful wrapped present, a stuffed wombat or kangaroo and  a book or set of  cards and a bag of fairy floss too.
We have had so many wonderful steps forward with our special Moran this year and are so proud of her accomplishments and how she is developing.
 As the whole day was actually based at  the Narrandera Fisheries Centre  we had a look at the static displays here of native fish and watched a very informative DVD of what they do.
The touching of the turtles was an experience they all enjoyed.
Just look at the size of the Murray Cod- it is huge but can grow to be larger than this
We looked at the other fish and one of the interesting things noted was because they are inland river fish the water is not clear like when you visit Sea Aquariums.
Then a car ride home where some of us fell asleep after a very exciting day.

All in all it was an excellent day for the children and we are very appreciative to Kelly and all and any others who helped her put this together. 

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Erin said...

What a marvelous day!! Smiling to imagine the children's excitement. Going to be hard for S's work to top that next year:)


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