Thursday, November 26, 2015

It's the week before Advent!

It's Coming! It's coming!
No not Christmas, although our Geese are getting fat :)

It is the final week before the start of Advent and it is indeed a preparation week for us. Which really is  quite a statement as Advent is all about preparing our Hearts and Minds for the coming of our Lord, both in the Celebration of Christmas and for His coming again.

So this week we have been preparing by making our Puddings last Sunday - Stir Up Sunday.
We also mixed up our cake recipe and I have been baking them at 2 per day, that's all this little oven will do at a time, how I miss my wood stove at Christmas especially!

I have been making last minute lists of food, cooking ingredients and craft materials to purchase and to have on hand ready for said crafts.
Thankfully when Vellvin and I had made our giant countdown calendar we had already printed out our colouring activities and put them in a folder all ready to use.

We also have Saxon's birthday on Friday to plan and of course he needs gifts and a cake too. This day will also entail us driving to Sydney to pick up both our Uni girls to come home for the year and the return trip home.

Naturally we have everyday activities and extra things thrown into the mix as life could not be plan sailing if we tried these days.

I wanted to have all our St Nicholas gifts organised so I also went shopping on Monday to organise that.
In my plans I also had hopes of getting all our Christmas gift shopping completed before the start of Advent so we could focus on the beauty and traditions of this season......I'm not completely sure this is going to happen yet.

Anyway our week is busy, the sick people are getting better and we are very, very excited as we move forward to the last days of pre-Advent.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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Kelly Casanova said...

We're looking forward to a productive Advent too, though we are nowhere near as organised as you! My aim for the rest of the week is to get a wreath made before Sunday - we're always late with the wreath.


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