Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Peek into our days Lately.

Well here we are a couple of weeks into the new year and already we seem to be moving a a pace much faster than I am entirely comfortable with.
I guess it does not help that we have had one heck of a time with children being sick and Stephen recovering from a hernia operation (prior to Christmas). The children have been overwhelmed with a strain of cough that seems almost impossible to shake.
We have had two of the boys with pneumonia one of whom had a few days in hospital with it. Arwen and Myffwyn still have the cough badly and I just really can't get rid of it even with all tried and trusted my remedies.
 We have had a busy time with raising our first lot of incubated chickens.
They were introduced to the rest of the flock a week ago and seem to be settling in nicely. We really are happy with our first attempt at this and Rogan especially put in a lot of hard work with them.
On the homestead front we lost a couple of our meat rabbits and Rogan lost both of his brand new Mini Lop's he had just bought. This was a devastating time for him to get through.

We have also just hatched some tiny little Quail who are so cute!!
 We are hoping that Daisy will actually hatch the eggs she is sitting on. She has a collection of both pure breed Welsh Harlequin and some Petite Saxony(which she is) cross Welsh Harlequin eggs she has been protecting. The geese tend to think they are fair game.
Christmas brought some wonderful gifts to our family. Stephen officially received his ride on mower (bought second hand a couple of months ago) and I was very fortunate enough to receive this Pressure Canner I have been eyeing off for some time.
Sadly with things as they have been I have not had a chance to use it.
 Oh bonus score this was too. Stephen was hoping to make some cheese with me before his return to work but again no go. So I guess this can be used as a Science project with the children this coming year.
 During the Christmas break the children played a few board games and this was the cutest thing ever. Corbyn was teaching Trahaearn to play Hobbit Monopoly and he actually stayed to play for a long period of time.
I have managed to do a few food related fun things outside the regular activities.
I dried my first lot of peaches in a very long time as well as some almonds after soaking (activating) them.
I made this great Sourdough Soaked and Dried Cereal. This is very popular with everyone, except the one person I wanted to eat it - Arwen.
I am having awful trouble getting her to eat much of anything and breakfast is especially hard. Any ideas would be welcome
Sprouted and dried rye all ready to be ground into flour for baking.
Oh yummy summer drink. Can I just say this is the loveliest berry flavoured sparkling drink ever.
Yes it is a homemade 'fizzy, fermented drink' that you will have so many people lining up for more.
We are all out and so I guess it's time to make some more.
Did I hear you mention cake? Of course I did. There is always plenty of cake to eat whether for a special occasion or just for a nibble. This one is a soaked sourdough spice cake, and it's good for you too.
 I just love the little $2 paint with water books you can buy. There never seems to be an age limit on them and the older kids are just as keen to have a go at these. They are perfect for a quick 'I need something to calm the kids' with.
 Of course it wouldn't be our family if we did not have a tea party somewhere in here.
This is a beautiful little doll tea set that we gave the children for a 12 Days of Christmas present. It is in constant use with the various dolls and teddies that live around here. 
Though each day brings it's own joys and challenges I am thankful for all my loved ones and being able to minister to them.
May your days be filled with peace, joy and contentment.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Kelly Casanova said...

I'm intrigued by this healthy fizzy drink, is there a recipe please?

Vellvin said...

It certainly has been an interesting couple of weeks, Mummy.
I really liked the cordial, though I think I might prefer kefir. :)
And I love the salt lamps you got for Christmas!
Love you. <3


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