Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bilbo and Frodo's Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday I mentioned that we were having a Bilbo and Frodo Birthday Celebration. This being organised at the last minute by the children themselves. I helped them only with some ideas for costumes, ( no costumes were made on the day, just picked out of the dress up box... so there is nothing to elaborate), food and decorating.

The children did all the work for this themselves. WE actually think half the fun is in the setting up of these celebrations anyway. The anticipation of what is to come and the camaraderie of doing it together.

As it was raining all day the Birthday reenactment had to be set up on the veranda. So a Hobbit Hole was arranged using play stands and a hola hoop. You have to look with the eyes of a child to see these things in the pictures, but all the children had the best of times. Rogan especially was very excited during the "party" saying "This is as good as Christmas and birthdays and Easter. I am having so much fun."
The planned "Journey of the Ring" could not be taken because although my adventurers were keen I was not keen on the resulting washing that usually results from such adventures. Perhaps next year it wont rain guys!

The food was simple buffet style with chicken, ham, different salads, potato chips, chocolate rolls, marshmallows, crusty bread rolls, and mushrooms of course.

We had home made decorated paper plates and an original Birthday Banner was produced as well. Streamers and balloons were added to the veranda and the Fairy and Princess Bowers were now in Hobbiton.

As the "party" was at night time we also had "glow sticks" sparklers and party poppers. Yes I know very tame really but we can't get fireworks here. Ho Hum. This did not dampen the enthusiasm of the party goers, the very cold wind did however, and our little Hobbits found their artificial hairy feet not enough to keep them warm on a cold Spring Evening in Tasmania.
Gandalf had the advantage of a very warm cloak and hat and wasn't at all disturbed as he consumed vast quantities of party food.

So the official very "cool" Bilbo Birthday Cake was eaten inside and the dancing and feasting continued for a little while more.

As our little Hobbits were very tired and cold after this very exciting day it was then off to bed for them while the Merry and Pippin clean up crew took over to clean up the messes. Thanks Guys.

All in all it was a very successful day especially when done at the last minute. One that is going to become another family tradition. I have found anything enjoyed more than once becomes a new Family tradition.

I really should remember that before I suggest things in the future. However I really wouldn't stop the enthusiasm and special days for anything as we "Enjoy the Journey Together."

Here a a few photos of the day. I hope you enjoy them as much as the children enjoyed the day.
Three little Hobbits in a Hobbit Hole.
Gandalf the Grey.
Very excited Hobbits with Gandalf waiting for the feasting.
Home made original designed hand painted party plates.
Gandalf in a close up.
Close up of some of the plates and Frodo guarding them.
Some interesting Hobbit feet.
Bilbo and Frodo's Birthday Banner
A very excited Hobbit... could it be Bilbo?
The Party Scene
The party Scene from the other direction
Bilbo's Birthday Cake
The birthday cake within the princess Bower, sorry another Hobbit Hole
The Nights Menu and entertainment.
Drinks all round please.
The Birthday cake unveiled outside before returning to warmer climates.
Surprise drinks again.
Happy Partying Hobbits.
Bilbo enjoying the fun.
Sparkler fun.......the closest we have to fireworks.
Little girls loving it.
Braedon is the master Firework lighterer.
Arwen's first sparklers.
Happy Birthday Bilbo and Frodo.

See you next Year.


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Erin said...

Wow what an amazing, amazing party!! Lots of fun, lots of memories.


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