Monday, December 21, 2009

What are Tim Tams?

In my post on Tim Tam Balls Paula asked "What are Tim Tams?"

Here is a link to wikipedia to find our more. Are they not standard in the biscuit isle in the USA?

These are special occasion biscuits in our house and I had a great fondness for them back in my playing Hockey days as a teenager. We would go over to the little shop near the hockey fields and get a pack of two in between games. I think it is the memory of these that I like mostly now as I find them very rich.

The children love them though and as there are only 11 in a packet they are a very special occasion treat because .....well..... you have to have at least two right?
Hope you enjoy them.



Cindy said...

They look good.

Miss Laurie said...

I had to google them, I'd never heard of them. Wikipedia does mention they are sold by Pepridge Farms here in the USA but at least they aren't sold in any stores in the North East that I know of. They look very good! :)


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