Saturday, January 2, 2010

Children's Homemade Gifts

Every year for Christmas the children make gifts for each other and for Stephen and I. This is usually started in about July as some can take quite a long time to do. As we spent a fair amount of time making Poor Box Toys Inc this year not everyone completed individual gifts for everyone.

These are some that were completed.
Autumn knitted this pig for Arwen.
Eden needle felted these twins for Arwen. They have their arms wrapped around each other at the back.
This Walnut cradle has a tiny needle felted baby in side it. It was wrapped up in a ribbon. Another of Eden's creations.
To make the hinge Eden glued on some string with craft glue so it opens and closes.
Eden needle felted these life size fruit - pear, peach and an orange for the little girls kitchen play area.
Eden made these jug covers herself with out a pattern. She designed the crochet and beading herself.

Both Autumn and Eden have only been crocheting and knitting since last year and both are very good. As I am only a novice at both knitting and crocheting I can only help them a little bit.



Nadja said...

The girls are very talented! I especially like the felted fruit and the jug covers. The latter would be very handy around here in the summer, as we have an ongoing battle with flies (must be living surrounded by cattle that draws them).

Nice work!

The Watts Family said...

Everything looks wonderful I just love homemade gifts we love to do the same in our family ~You have some wonderfully talented & gifted children! Happy New Year & Blessings Heather ;)

Marie said...

Wow! Those are all so wonderful and look like a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing.

Flavia Sunshine said...

Hello Gae !

Finally i can open your blog. I have always problems uploading your page, let alone leaving comments. I wanted to thank you for your kind comments on my blog and i wanted to wish you a blessed and fruitful new year for your precious family.
I was also wondering if you might give me an informations about homeschooling in australia. We are pondering if we should try to move in Australia. We live in Italy ( near Rome ) but my husband's uncle has been living over there for nearly 40 years now. We asked informations and we've been told that foreigners have to enroll kids in school in order to get their visa. We've been told foreigners can't homeschool their children as long as they on't have permanent residence. We are homeschooling here in Italy and of course i know homeschooling is possible in Australia, so i was wondering if this informations is true or not. There's any homeschool-association i might contact and ask ? It would be of great help to us.

Anyways i'll keep your family in my prayers.


Mom2Seven said...

I am always impressed when I visit your blog at the thoughtfulness of your children towards each other. The handmade gifts are wonderful treasures... you are blessed! Peace

Gae said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments. We feel we are blessed with our children and they continue to amaze me with their creativity and love for each other.

MamaF if you e-mail me at I can try to help you with those questions.

Many Blessings for this year to all.

Flavia Sunshine said...

Hello Gae,

thank you, i will e-mail you soon.
To melt the lead we just put a little piece of it ( i think it was 15 or 20 grams ) on an aluminium 'pan' ( not really of course it was just a piece of metal my husband use to work ) because my husband teaches me it doesn't stick on aluminium. Then we put it in the woodstove with the help of a clamp. Notice, not over the woodstove, but inside it on the fire. In few minutes it will melt. Then we poured it in a metal cap ( and some on the floor lol )but my guess is that if you have anything in aluminium, that could be even better, since when the lead is cold you might take it off ( we'll try again in this way )


Erin said...

Eden and Autumn

Gorgeous. I particularly like your jug covers Eden, I've always wanted to find some of them, I remember my aunt using them.


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