Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Lady of Fatima and May Crowning 2010

Our Celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima was a bit subdued compared with our Ascension Day Celebrations
We were trying to incorporate our May Crowning as well.

Let us just say it was a little overwhelming on top of the day before.
These were the crowns we made for the Mary Statue's. We used pipe cleaners and artificial flowers. I made the three larger ones and Rogan made the smaller ones of his own person Mary's.
We just twisted the pipe cleaners and then tucked in the flowers. Easy Peasy.

For the food we only managed to have our Miracle of The Sun cake, Crown Bread and Crown Corn Chips.
Do I dare admit that we recycled our Cloud cake from our Ascension Day into our Miracle of The Sun cake.
Sometimes when we have double Feast days there is so much food.
As we had had enough food from Ascension Day I could not see why we couldn't do double duty with the cake.

I also wanted to make a Crown Cake but once again there can be such a thing as too much cake. I therefore made these Crown Bread.
Our Crown Bread:
First I buttered bread slices then cut off the crusts.
We just then put sprinkles on top and chocolate drops across for the band of the crown.
Crown Corn Chips
Autumn's Mary Statue Crowned
Our Mystical Rose Mary Crowned
My favourite: Our Lady of Grace Statue crowned.

After this day it was into bed for everyone and read a nice book.



Vellvin said...

The crown bread was great Mummy!
Love you!

Melafwife said...

What a wonderful day!! Love all the food and the crowns.
We were so busy this week I only managed some Ascension cookies, but we will visit a Fatima Shrine this weekend. Let's plan a trading card swap for this summer, I'd love to swap with you!
Hugs & Blessings,

Leanne said...


Tiffany said...

Hi Gae! You are such an inspiration and you share so much of your heart with all of us~thank you! I just LOVE how you recycled the Ascension Cake:) Thanks for sharing that because yes, sometimes there CAN be too much cake! LOL I think it turned out lovely with all of the rainbow swirls. Also LOVE the cute crown sprinkle bread~ Your family is surely blessed by you~

Paper Dali said...

Lovely and inspirational ... Thanks for posting, Gae!

Gardenia said...

I love the easy peasy pcrowns for Mary. The crown breads look delicious, and doubling up on the cake was a good idea.


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