Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thrift Shop Finds!

Last week I went to an Antique shop in town where we usually try to find some second hand books.
They have so many other interesting finds and we have a found a few birthday presents here as well.
I was so thrilled to find not only these books but also some jelly moulds and this wonderful basket too.
We had a great time browsing throughout and took some interesting pictures of some of the children in the Pirate display that is there too. Half a pirate ship, with some gruesome gift ideas inside though.Autumn at the Antique Emporium....I must say I didn't take much notice of the background statue until I saw it in the photo.
One of our Jellies using the new mould.That is Arwen's hand touching the jelly. It was such fun to do 'wibble wobble jelly on a plate,' a favourite saying of ours.
The other one we forgot to pre-release and it didn't work out. We live and learn so next time I hope it is perfect.



Nadja said...

Isn't it satisfying to find lovely things at a really lovely price?

At Home Together said...

What marvelous treasures, Gae! We love thrift shops and used book stores. Our favorite is "The Book Eddy" in Knoxville, TN, near where my husband's family lives. It is huge and the prices are great. They have a marvelous collection of the old Landmak histories. Are you familiar with those? Blessings to you all this day!

Anonymous said...

What great finds, Gae! I love browsing through antique shops. My one dream is to find a George MacDonald original book; maybe one day.:-)

Gae said...

Dear All,
It was a fun time and I was so thrilled with what we got.
I am familiar with some of the Landmak histories, I think we own a few but not many.
Anne, I once knew a lady who had a few George MacDonald original books.
I pray you get your copy one day too.
God Bless
Gae ♥


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