Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Lady of Mount Carmel our Home 2010

For this Feast day we used the plans for the day I had prepared fairly exclusively.

  • Here is a picture summary of what we did~
I tried to keep our activities different to Last Year and I think we were successful in creating different and interesting favours.
We made a Scapular cake using the designs from Catholic Cuisine as a guide.
We also printed out and laminated book marks to add to our Feast Table collection.
We cut out small scapulars from paper coloured them in brown and then printed out tiny scapular images to go on them. Each person gets to keep one
Eden made a clothes peg Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It took her ages but turned very well indeed . See how Jesus holds a tiny scapular!
Another view of Eden's Our Lady of Mount Carmel. She used the image for our Book Marks as her guide.
I had visions of everyone making one like this but it was not a happening thing.
Arwen coloring in a picture of The Scapular from our Planning pages
Corbyn coloring Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Myffwyn coloring Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Moran coloring Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Autumn and Saxon had a great idea to make paper dolls of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Simon Stock.
Autumn drew, Saxon colored and then they cut them out.
St. Simon Stock doll, with robe.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel with her dress. Jesus is a little doll that attaches to her dress.
Vellvin made a huge paper scapular.
The back view with Vellvin wearing it.
Front view of Vellvin wearing it.
All our favors large and small.
Our butterscotch pudding which is a caramel colour. This is a different recipe to the one I posted in the planning pages and a great family favourite. We ate this with some 'whipped cream mounts'
Minni caramel cheesecakes, this to was a new recipe to try something different for Our Lady Of Mount Carmel. So they are called " Mini Mounts"
These are the caramels we made, recipe on the planning pages too
Everything set and roaring to go.



Lena said...

beautiful feast day celebration.
pax Christi - lena

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

cute cUtE CUTE! :-)

Gardenia said...

my goodness, you had such an activity-filled spiritual day. I love the scapular cakes, and the peg dolls are beautiful, especially the crown and Mary's mantle!


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