Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Teatime

How do you spend your Sunday Afternoons?

For many years when we started Homeschooling and were introduced to Charlotte Mason we had Tea time on a Sunday afternoon.
We had tried it on a weekday, but life was too hurried for it to work at that particular time in our lives.
We would actually dress up (or stay in our church clothes) and have our best china (which isn't that grand really) and sit and have tea time together. Listen to classical music in the background and trying to have some ' high brow' conversation while using our 'company manners.'

We then tried to read aloud from our read aloud after we had cleaned up. This once again was sometimes successful and sometimes not, depending on the energy and enthusiasm of our small children and how tired Daddy was as he read, lying down, a sure way to have him visit the land of nod.

We haven't done this for so long, partly because our Sunday's had become a non relaxing time with trips to the airport etc. But as I look to the rest of the year and the goals I would like to have Tea time is a big part of my agenda.
I would like to have an afternoon teatime again as we finish 'school' officially for the day and a more formal teatime on Sunday with a High English Tea.

We also used to have a Sunday Box with special activities and books reserved for a Sunday only. This too has gone out of our family culture but we enjoyed it for a time too. I did find the expense of 'usable' materials a consideration in the phasing out of this custom. However with the ability to print so much form the interned these days I think this might be a worthwhile consideration, but with a folder approach instead. (That means I print out and have it ready for Sunday)

That not having happened today I would like to offer you some interesting ideas for spending this Sunday in a relaxing and enjoyable way.

Looking for something to do on a Sunday afternoon.?
Here is but a small sample of what you could find to do!
This is a wonderful link: Karen's Whimsy with so many different things to print out and do.

My favourites are the free printer paper doll sections. There are a heap of lovely old fashioned paper dolls to print and then play with. Heaps of colouring pages I like these Fairy Tale ones especially

On another site I found these beautiful street of houses to colour and then play with. You could use any small dolls, Sylvanian families, lego people etc.

Praying your day of rest is a joyful and blessed one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
Taking time for tea...I remember those afternoons quite well. After school was over for the day, we had tea while I read the read-aloud we were reading through. Special times...sometimes with "good china" and special treats and sometimes with everyday dishes and biscuits. Now, tea is still in the afternoon and anytime I'm needing a cuppa to re-group myself! Usually with a biscuit(cookie) on the saucer too. LOL
Have a blessed day,

Gardenia said...

I certainly remember tea regularly with my mother and sister as we were growing up, and of course, tea with my grandmother and sister and mom. I should carry on the tradition here in my own home. thanks for the links which I will check out.


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