Tuesday, July 6, 2010

16 Going On 17

Our dearest, oldest daughter is turning 17 today.
Where does the time fly, how can it be that long ago when we were so eagrtly anticipating your arrival. Hoping you would be a little girl to add to our creative and enthusiastic boys.
You were loved by those boys from the start each vying for your attention.

I cannot imagine how dull our lives would be without you. You are a wonderful creative and enthusiastic person giving 100% to all you do.

Have a blessed and relaxing day today, enjoying those special gifts,that were so hard to think up.

I have planned this song for you since forever, I know you love this as much as I did at your age and as I do still now.
You are a beautiful, talented and giving young lady.

Many blessings our no longer 16 year old girl
For you our sweet young maiden

All our love always,


Mom2Seven said...

Oh, happy birthday! I love the Sound of Music... now that song is going through my head and probably will for days! ;)

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Autumn:)


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