Monday, August 30, 2010

Along the Alphabet Path - J week

We seem to have had a big 'holiday' from  our Alphabet Path studies. I really wasn't intentional, but just happened. However as I do think we try to cultivate an atmosphere of continued and real learning in our homes. I don't think it was a problem.

The transition back to more formal learning was a bit lot harder than I anticipated with some very uncooperative little people.
We quite frankly didn't do a lot of reading and focused on more 'hands on learning', re: craft based activities and letter formation.

The girls really enjoyed the crafts especially the jewlery making and making the jungle for our jungle animals.
We did try to complete most of the fun activities from our J Week plans I had been really keen to do make juggling balls and do some juggling with them, but by this time I figured we had spent enough time on J.

 I did read letter J from each of these books:
The Complete Book of the Flower FairiesWaldorf Alphabet Book
L M N O P and All the Letters A to Z

An Alphabet of Catholic Saints
The Angels' Alphabet (Lamb Time)

Museum ABC
More Saints: Lives & Illuminations
We also spent a lot of time just saying words that begin with J and then tracing and writing J 

So for a pictorial view of our time spent on J ....drum roll please.
The beads we used. There are some lovely Babushka type ones as well
 Jewelry making was an activity that was constantly asked about.."Can we make jewelery today??????"
Moran beading jewelry
The finished jewelry

Painting our Jungle trees
We made some Jungle trees for the jungle animals to live in. These were very simple to do. I simply collected toilet rolls (we have tons of them) Moran and I painted these brown together.
Moran painting the trees
Myffwyn cutting up the crepe paper
After the trunks were painted we cut up crape paper into long strips for the  leaves
After that you gather up some of the crepe paper and shove it done into the toilet rolls.
Behold... Jungle trees
Myffwyn playing with the Jungle animals
Of course you have to play with these animals and the place to do this is on obviously on the kitchen table.
I made up some sheets of words to 'find the letter in" for them and then wrote the letters on the blackboard for them to refer to. Also a page of letters for drawing and writing.
The girls had the best time doing this on the Magna Doodle boards, actually more than on my paper options.
Autumn's Jack collection from years ago.
I tried to teach them Jacks but it is a little difficult.
Moran making J shapes
I still really like the use of these letter aids  for thinking about how the letter is formed.
Some of the easier Jigsaws we have.
Of course J week would not be  complete with out Jigsaw puzzles
Making Jelly
J week would not be complete with out making Jelly of course. Take turns girls. Of course they did this very nicely!
Turning out the jelly moulds
Our other harder to make jelly mould
We really wanted this one to turn out as we have only used the mould once before and it didn't work out. I almost melted the sides of it too much s it was but you could still see the shapes so everyone was happy.
Jelly fish shape 'heads'
I drew these shapes for jelly fish and the girls cut them out for the 'head part'
Jelly fish and the streamer tentacles
Once again we cut strips of crepe paper and stapled them onto the scrunched up 'face' for a complete Jellyfish.

Myffy with hers and my Jellyfish
Moran and her Jellyfish

Jumping Sack races
Myffy is jumping fast
Moran going fast too
Rogan and Corbyn resting after the long jumping session

Supplies for the beaded bangles
I drew some beaded bangles for them to colour and add sequins to
Cutting out the bangles
Myffy starting her second one.
All the mess and supplies for the Beaded bangle activity
Corbyn adding his sequins
Corbyn got very tired of this quite quickly so I helped with some of his
Myffy was very diligent with hers
Moran had the best time with this activity
Corbyn hording his Jelly Beans
 We had a counting Jelly Bean day. Needless to say this was met with great enthusiasm.
Myffy counting her piles
Moran with her piles in differing colours
Myffy trying to keep Corbyn out of her pile
Myffwyn copying her name
Myffwyn writing and drawing

Coluring in th Jasmine Fairy

Myffwyn's work
Moran's work
Corbyn's work
Our J Sound Pouch
St Joseph
 WE looked at  St Joseph, St Joan  as well as Our Lord Jesus from Our Alphabet of Saints
I also really like the Cusinaire Rods for letter shapes
Moran doing letter J
Myffwyn's turn
Myffy jumping high
We did a  lot of jumping games as the children really do like these sort of ones
Moran jumping high too
Corbyn jumping on the Mini tramp
Jumping on the trampoline
I made  a jumping circle for Corbyn to jump from one to the other like a Jumping Frog. He did this for ages....such energy

And that brings us to the end of another  Alphabet week to share with you.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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