Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Tasha Tudor Day!!!!

Some of our Spring flowers
Today we finally got around to celebrating our Tasha Tudor Day Celebrations. I am actually pleased we did this today on the first day of Spring. We were able to pick some beautiful flowers that are growing wild on our property.

Above from left : This is some of our Wattle from one of the native Wattle trees, the small one has snowdrops, small wild daffodils and cherry blossoms from our Weeping cheery tree, then a whole vase of snowdrops. These were picked by our very excited little ones today for our table decorations
As it turns out we did not achieve all we wanted but we did have our Tea Party.

We spent a lot of time cooking and making the invitations for everyone to keep. Perhaps we will be able to finish watching the DVDs and reading some more books tomorrow. I really wanted to share the smock I am making for Arwen but will do that in a separate post with a copy of the pattern as well that I drafted.

Now for our day~
First off Eden, Rogan and I made the Sparrow Post invitations. I was a bit worried about my drawing abilities as our children have great artistic ability but sadly I do not.
All our Invitations
I was surprised to find I was actually enjoying drawing on the invitations, as long as I stuck to my very limited capabilities. I even wanted to do some more and when Corbyn lost his I did another one for him.
Eden's artwork on the invitations
Eden loves to draw and is very creative. She often designs dresses for beautiful ladies and I think she has a real talent for it.
My attempts
I did get some tips from the girls but is all my own work, not very different, but I am pleased.
Rogan was very enthusiastic
Rogan does a good job when he isn't rushing to finish and move on to the next project
Moran and Myffwyn's invitation drawings
Sweet little girls made invitations for their "buddies" Kynan and Braedon.
Inside of Eden's
Inside of mine
I was quite pleased with my one to Myffwyn she wanted a sheep and I have never drawn one before, I know you say, well ..she thought it was very cute in the wheat field
Inside Rogan, Moran and Myffy's
Vellvin did most of the writing on the inside of the cards I only did a couple.
Autumn cooked both of these cookies
For our tea party delicacies we had these cute flower cookies, the ones above with a chocolate melt in the middle and sprinkles on the outside.
These one just have chocolate melts in the center.
I wanted to make a Mail Bag for the Postmistresses to carry their mail in today.
I roughly cut out some brown felt and then trimmed to size.
I then buttonholed stitch around and did a heart in the middle for decoration
Mr Blue about ready to deliver the invitations in the new Mail Bag
Here is our Sparrow Post Post Office with Mrs Wren and a stand in new postmaster Mr Blue, as it seems Miss Robin is AWOL.
Eden made these Tasha Tudor Christmas Tree cookies for us to have. WE made some smaller ones as we didn't have much dough to us
Mail bag and Invitations on the Tea Table
Some of the goodies on the Tea Table
The small chocolate cupcakes were a big hit as they had whipped cream on top and a small chocolate melt as well.
Another view with Tea cups and tea time food etc
We had two post of English breakfast tea and one of coffee to drink, we ran out of tea but there was enough coffee for the coffee drinkers.
Our Tea Party participants
We did have a lovely time by the time we sat down to Tea Time which wasn't at 3pm but 4:30pm. The beauty of celebrating at home. This actually worked out well as Stephen came home early and was able to actually participate in our Tea Party.

I hope you enjoyed our Tasha Tudor celebrations today ~

Blessings to you and your homes,


Suzanne said...

You certainly did alot of very artistic endeavors! I love your little sparrow post invites and your tea treats look tasty;-)

Saxon said...

I really like the cookies!!

Jen said...

Very cute. How happy is is to see a large family sitting at the table together celebrating! :-)

allisamazing said...

Thank you for sharing your Tasha Tudor Day. It looks like your family had a wonderful time preparing and then enjoying your tea. Definately precious times to remember. Have a truly blessed day.


Anonymous said...

What Fun. You always have such great ideas and are such an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Gae! I am wild for Tasha Tudor too, I did not know there was a TT Day! When I am older I want to wear period clothes and go barefoot all the time, in my herb garden that I am someday really going to have!~

Gae said...

Thank you for your kind words. I am a huge Tasha Tudor fan.. as if you didn't know!!!!
I would love to live a lifestyle more like hers as we know it.☺

I am with you Jo I would like to be a Granny like that too. I like your new prifile pic!


Kendra said...

Such Fun! I love your mailbox and invite ideas, my boys would find that amazingly cool! :D

Storybook Woods said...

Happy belated Tasha Tudor day (I just got back into town). My what a wonderful and creative TT day. I love your notes and the little bag you made. Your tea looks so yummy. I know Tasha was smiling. Thank you so much for sharing wiht all of us. xoxo Clarice


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