Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Simple Living...........

It really is the simple things that bring much joy in my life. This weekend we were blessed to have a long weekend to share together and we spent it doing a mixture of chores, reorganising of play spaces, maintenance of our family home and spending time together.
One of the things we did together was to have a 'Scavenger Hunt" this is one of the games we do from time to time that usually involves all the family.We do try to  work in teams and keep it reasonably fair within this as much as possible.
Today we had a list of items to get:
A yellow flower
5 duck feathers
Gold flake rock
A blackberry stem
Holly leaf
A fairy wing leaf
2 smooth stones
3 Rose hips
1 Pine Cone
4 Clover flowers
Everyone takes a list along with a bucket or basket breaks off into teams and the fun begins..........
Stephen, myself, Trahaearn and Arwen were one team. Autumn, Eden and Myffwyn were another. Vellvin, Moran and Rogan a third team and Saxon and Corbyn were our fourth team.
This is our the collection that our team collected. We were first finished but failed to collect a pine cone after being told there were none around our only pine tree.
However as you can see  Autumn, Eden and Myffwyn  were able to find one anyway and so in effect were the winners.
After we completed the scavenger hunt we played outside together. Of course if you know anything about our family we are HUGELY KEEN sword fighters. We also played this yesterday with two teams and I must admit I really enjoyed playing again. I haven't played for a while as I don't when expecting a baby and often I hold the baby while we play these games. I think the people on the losing  other side had forgotten how much I enjoy this.
Our little ones so enjoy the swings and Arwen was funny trying to push Trahaearn while swinging herself.
We also had some wood carvers out and about today
Poor little Corbyn had a very hurt toe that needed some attention, which he got.
Myffwyn decided she would arm herself with every available sword (yes we use black polly-pipe to sword fight with). Wooden home made swords are only used for decoration as they have a tendency to break and thus lead to very upset children who have spent ages making them.
Vellvin and Saxon often square of against one another.
Moran doing some carving for herself. All of a sudden she is a very responsible little girl, I think our diet is beneficial to her, more on that to come soon.
Rogan was riding around on his bike, charging it like a horse and just for the fun of it.

These are the simple days that I love, where we are just together, not doing anything spectacular but enjoying the journey together in a simple and loving way..... creating memories of our time together that I will cherish in the years to come.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Lovely weekend. We haven't done a scavenger hunt in a while. Thanks for the inspiration.

Gae said...

Thank you
These are one of my favourite family thing to do
God Bless


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