Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Making Buttermilk

One of the new items in our pantry lately has been buttermilk.

I have used this before occasionally, but tended to make my own 'quick version' that I had found as a fall back measure. Simply- to one cup of milk add two tablespoons of lemon juice. I have used this in my Irish Soda bread for years in this manner.

Since going Grain 'n' Sugar FREE we have been slowly adding some cultured and fermented foods, after reading Nourishing Traditions and will talk more about this at a later date :)

As these tend to have buttermilk, kefir or yoghurt in them I have been buying buttermilk for part of these. As I make yogurt already using more of this was not a problem. I also started making kefir and prefer this to yogurt as it does not have as strong a taste in the soaking process.

However I had not made buttermilk till just recently, in fact it never occurred to me that we could make it properly, well in fact I never even saw it in the supermarket until I was looking for it.
I did object to the price though at just under $3 for 600 ml, but considered it a part of our new eating regime and thus worth it. I did tend to use kefir more as I thought it more economical.
To make this buttermilk you need:
1 cup of cultered buttermilk from the supermarket
3 cups of  whole milk ( I just use regular milk, but you can use raw milk if that is your preference)
A jar with a lid

To make:
Pour the cup of buttermilk into the jar,
add the milk
Close or put the lid on then....
Shake the bottle up and leave on kitchen bench or other warm place for about 24 hours, depending how warm it is.

How do you know it is ready?
When it is ready, ie, the new cultured buttermilk  will coat the glass jar.
Put it in the fridge and it will last for  weeks, or until it is used up.

To re culture follow the steps from the start.
Simple remember the ratio of 1:3 or buttermilk to milk and you can use any quantities you like

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

I could SCREAM! I didn't know you could make buttermilk wihtout making butter! I am so excited I can't stand myself! We go through so much buttermilk and I never thought of looking up another way to make it. I don't really care for the lemon juice thing. It gives the flavor and not so much the fluffiness you get from buttermilk. I never even thought to search! I LOVE YOU GAE!!!

Sugar Pie said...

Hello Gae,
So would you use a cup of the last batch of butter milk you made as the starter for each next batch ?
Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)
God Bless,

Gae said...

Dear Sugar Pie,
Yes that's right I leave about a cup or more of the last batch to use as a starter to add new milk to the start the process again
God Bless


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