Monday, July 2, 2012

Wind Ribbons - a small tutorial for quick fun

It was one of those days!
A day when I was busy and things did not seem to be going right.
A day when I was not focused on our children even though I was right there with them. I was caught up in the 'to do ' things.

And then I simply thought we needed to go outside and play and walk together.

So simple! So easy! So wonderful!
Already I was refreshed and and looking for fun with our children.

It was a windy day and Myffwyn brought out a piece of wool on a stick and was running with it, enjoying the wind, savoring the joy to be held  and I was inspired to be part of it and asked if they wanted me to make Wind Ribbons for them all.
I just hoped I had some crepe paper to do this as I planned......
but alas I did not.

However we had some left over ribbon bunting from St Patrick's day years ago and so I used that and some sticky tape.
So I cut the ribbon to the length I wanted , sticky taped the top to hold it.
Then I placed sticky tape at a point further down to create a handle so to speak and then simply tore up the ribbon in long strips to create the 'swirly' parts. I guess the bunting  it is like that ribbon you wrap presents in that you curl up with scissors, I really don't know what it is actually called. I bought it at our local 'cheap store.'
Wind Ribbon all ready to play with, in less than two minutes.
See how it curls at the bottom.
And really we had a lot of fun for little cost and very little effort.
But, boy oh boy, was I thankful that I took this time to be with our little ones and share in the joy that they had together, outside in the wild and windy weather.

By the way, if you are interested, we all came back in much happier and hopeful souls!!

Blessings to you and your homes


allisamazing said...

What a great and simple way to have fun!

Leanne said...

Looked like a wonderful amount of fun...


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