Sunday, July 8, 2012

Autumn's Birthday in Collage

As it happens Autumn's birthday was a very easy one to celebrate.
She certainly tries to keep things simple for me in preparation of her meal and who can say no to that!

There is something sweet about a child who knows what they are getting for their birthday as a major present but still pretends not to know and then act surprised when they open the birthday bag.

It was a big week for us technology wise and as part of that Autumn's present was a laptop that her two big brothers, us and Autumn herself are contributing to.

I did get her a couple or more items that she didn't know about that were little fillers that made her feel extra special I am sure.

A very uneventful day for this birthday with Autumn just enjoying the day at home and getting to know her laptop and the i-phone that was part of our technology update.

As for me I was very happy with the food choices for the day~
Breakfast : Bacon and Eggs prepared by our lovely Vellvin
Lunch: Tuna Salad which is a current favorite
Dinner: KFC chicken with home cooked chips and peas
Cake: A junk yard cake made from a gluten free packet mix and whipped coffee cream on top with wrapped chocolate cars, maltessers, honeycombs, mint chocolate, flake and I forget what else now. A beautifully easy cake for me to prepare.
Party Bags: freckles, chocolate babies, jelly babies, mini M&M's and gummi bears.

Autumn's birthday saint I painted her this year is St Catherine of Alexandria. I really must update that post with all the latest painted saints.

All in all a very pleasant and simple birthday to celebrate our beautiful girl with.

Oh and if you look at my new blog header above you will see the new Birthday Fairy I have made but did not get set up for Autumn's birthday as I was still making the extras for her. So I guess Eden will be first to get this new addition to the items we have that make our birthdays  extra special!

Blessings to you and your homes,

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