Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Autumn ♥

Dear Autumn,
As I was talking to you yesterday about your birthday and I said how was I going to write something about your birthday and how that I sometimes find it difficult to express the way I love all you childrenl in these posts, as it is something that 'just is'
You said to me but you love us all diffidently and I said 'No, I love you all with unconditional love!'

However you reminded me that it is your individual qualities that I love about each of you. It is the fact that I can look at each of you and KNOW that you are a person unlike any other and I value those qualities in you.

As you know I adore your ability to make me laugh about the everyday, those instances when you respond in a conversation and it just lightens my day. Your ability to share your thoughts, dreams and even your struggles and hardships with me is a blessing for which I am forever grateful

If there is one thing  as a mummy I am truly thankful is the fact that as you have matured into a young adult I can truly say our relationship has grown as well. How blessed I am to be able to call you a friend as well as child.

I pray you have a most happy and memorable day as we celebrate your special day.

May the coming year be filled with so many adventures and opportunities for you to grow in love for Our Lord and service to His Kingdom as you use your many gifts in everyday life

All our love always,


Autumn said...

Oh Mummy, I love you! :D

The Connallys said...

Looks like I missed your birthday, Autumn, but nonetheless I ask our Good God to bless you abundantly this year! Belated Happy Birthday!


Erin said...

Autumn, Happy B'day :):){{}}


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