Monday, August 27, 2012

It has begun.......

Today the 27th of August 2012, the final stage in our moving to Wagga Wagga has started.
The 'moving man' has arrived!!
He has driven up our driveway and started to load our lives into boxes and tag items
Today it was just a small truck with boxes to be taped and packing tape that was here. Only one man, but boy did he do a stella job
Our younger children were very keen helpers today. Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn with Arwen tagging along spent the day in the company of "Dean the moving man".
Mind you he put them to work, which they thought was fantastic, they taped the boxes up for him ready to pack and ran little errands to ask me things, or put things somewhere else.
It reminded me off our older children doing the same thing when we moved to Tasmania over 9 years ago. At that time Saxon was the little guy following behind saying 'moving man??????' constantly and now it is Corbyn who is around that same age
The two rooms completed today with boxes ready to load and every item tagged were the Store room, which really was a junk room. and the garage.
See those happy faces
Great job to Dean. I am so thankful we have the movers to pack for us, otherwise I am not sure how well I would go really.
See these cute little stickers that go on everything. This was box 127 from the store room only!!!! We do have a lot of stuff in there
Boxes waiting and ready for the guys tomorrow.

All the children have had a big day after a long week last week fixing up things and organising things to and have gone to bed, which is where I am about to go too.

Movers are here again early tomorrow, so goodnight and God Bless ♥

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Hi Gae!
You're moving?! Haven't visited in a while, so I'm just catching up.
"The moving men" are certainly a blessing, and I agree with you...don't know how our moves would have gone without them!
Blessings to you and your sweet family, and I will pray that the move goes well for all.

Erin said...

I'm SOO excited, you are going to be within driving distance!!! well admittedly a day and a half away but still.... counting down:)


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